Great feeling to have a new spelling…. GRIAT. What a spelling!!! Thanks to Ambreesh Kagzi for capturing this #Englishgaffe behind a Tempo at Nana Chowk. Classic #blooper

Now that is a very very unique spelling of “GENTS”. The guy spelling it deserves an award for English literature 😂 Thanks to Nagu for sharing this #Englishgaffe with me on Twitter. #blooper

Nadiad nu bhusu. Navinchandra Somabhai Bhavsar. It is now so easy to order stuff from anywhere and receive it by courier. Bliss. @anaggh you will enjoy this for sure.

Always a pleasure visiting the iconic Gateway of India. Captured this morning during the ride. #cyclingjoys

Now what on earth are they trying to convey? Can someone please explain? Thanks to Jimmy for capturing this #Englishgaffe at the Twills showroom in Rajahmundry. #blooper

Mount Mary, Bandra. #cyclingjoys

Someone was so hungry that he polished off the alphabet e from Duplicate. This #Englishgaffe was spotted at the MTNL office in Naigaon by @girisheena. Thanks for sharing this #blooper. @mtnlofficial

Print advertisement in an Ahmedabad newspaper. What on earth is Hairt??? Should have been hair. West is incorrectly used. Should have been waste. Thanks to Ajaybhai Amin for sharing this #blooper on WhatsApp. #Englishgaffe

A nice 38 kms ride to Airoli junction on Eastern Express Highway and back with Pradeep Kalal. Slight drizzle but dark clouds hovering all the way. #cyclingjoys

My #throwback moment 😊 Over 4 decades ago. #memories Taken at Santacruz garden in #Mumbai which was a rage with us kids during those days. They had a dummy Air India aircraft there. #nostalgia

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