View from the top of our building. #kavyasphotography #Matunga

Sunset from the building terrace. #kavyasphotography #Matunga

Red rose in the kitchen garden. #kavyasphotography

A week at home thanks to Covid19


Today I have completed a week of being grounded at home (well almost) thanks to the Chinese virus, Covid19 which has taken over the entire world.

What have I been doing?

  • Working? Not really. Quite boring to work from home. You work in bits and pieces from the laptop but then you end up watching the news, social media etc.
  • Watching movies – Yes. Binge watched a web series on Hotstar – Special Ops. Watched not one but three Malayalam yes Malayalam movies on Amazon Prime (with subtitles of course) Helen, Shylock and Big Brother. Watched a Marathi movie, 702 Dixits. Also watched Mardaani 2. Of these Helen is worth watching and so are 702 Dixits and Mardaani 2.
  • Shopping – Well not much to do there except chauffeur Mom and wife around as they try to pick up some supplies for the house. Have also picked up groceries for my father in law and delivered it to him at night despite the enforcement of Section 144. Thankfully wasn’t stopped but it was necessary considering he is all alone at home and can’t even walk without his walker.
  • Exercise – Went for a walk yesterday as was fed up at home. Thanks to WhatsApp showed friends in the US what the scene was on the roads in Matunga and Dadar.Ā Did yoga too at home though it doesn’t give you the feeling of doing it in class with all friends.
  • Video calls – Technology has changed us all and how. Had two video calls with the team just to find out how each one is coping with all of these issues using Zoom. WhatsApp too has been wonderful. Called up my friend in Venice using WhatsApp video and it was good for all of us to chat with her and her husband.
  • Sleeping – Something that I love to do on Sundays when the normal office is on. These days sleep also doesn’t come to me as naturally as it would on Sunday afternoons. Ironic that I am writing at 1448 on a Wednesday afternoon. Post lunchtime is my time for a siesta and ironically I am wide awake. To add insult to injury the bedroom AC has conked off so sleeping at night is challenging but well no complaining in times like these.
  • Phone calls – A daily routine. Gosh, what would I have done without the ubiquitous phone? Every single day I have been calling up friends and chit-chatting on what is going on with them. Even if it is repetitive it gives you something to do.
  • Reading – Not been reading a lot but I have some e-books and quite a few books to read which I will take up soon. It is a good time to catch up on those unread books which each one of us has by the dozen I am sure.
  • Toastmasters – Attended a Toastmasters’ contest of Mahindra Worli Toastmasters thanks to Zoom. We had our normal meeting online again on Zoom and I am planning on giving one of the speeches subject to availability of the speech slot.
  • Blogging – A lot of thoughts come to mind in times like these. Maybe I should channelise them and write something for my blog as well.

Do share your ideas on what you have been doing and what else I can do. It would be fun interacting this way.

Back in the days, we spelt it as Bakery but now they have a new spelling looks like – Backary :-) Thanks to Vinaybhai Shah for spotting and sharing this #Englishgaffe somewhere in Ahmedabad. #blooper

C’mon @middayindia when will you learn the difference between liver and lever??? You probably plucked out the livers of the 4 rapistsšŸ˜Š Thanks @hitenj.thakkar for spotting this #Englishgaffe and sharing. #blooper

This seemed like a professionally done clip but terrible copy honestly. Steep???? Should be seep. Disgusting use of the language, #Englishgaffe #blooper

4 years without coffee and I didn’t die

It has been four years since I gave up coffee. Ā March Ā 17, Ā 2016 was when I had the last cup and to all those who think it is not possible, I kicked the habit. And I was an addict with 6 cups of coffee a day, 4 of which were black.

It was a week of torture with cold turkey (especially those crushing headaches) but with determination and accountability, it could be achieved. You just need to find a cause greater than oneself. I did and I am so glad I did.

What has happened since then?

  • I was and still am not a milk person so whatever little milk was coming in my body via the coffee at home vanished. Thank God for that.
  • Caffeine intake naturally went down. I have started green tea which has some amount of caffeine but then it is much lesser and my green tea is very mild too.
  • Those pangs of coffee at 11.30, at 3 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm vanished.
  • I could sleep better for sure. After all caffeine consumption lowered.
  • The amount of coffee bought every month has drastically reduced.

Yes, I do get that feeling when the aroma of coffee fills the air but then my cause is much greater than the temptation to give in.

There are times when I feel drowsy on long drives but then I have been able to pull up on the side and grab a few winks. That is far better than the caffeine shots (Cafe Coffee Day’s espresso) that I would pump in.

So for those of you who want to give up something, just find the right cause for giving it up. I am confident if your cause is strong enough, you will be able to kick the habit. I kicked coffee thanks to my cause but am still looking for that missing cause to make me give up chocolates and sugar. Who knows someday I will find that calling and will write about that too.

Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along. –Ā George Herbert

What on earth is a Blash? It should have been bash or maybe blast but this looks like a hybrid of the two. Maybe Yuvan’s parents coined it just to commemorate his first birthday Thanks to @conqueror_2510 for capturing this #Englishgaffe at Kohinoor Banquet Hall opposite Siddhivinayak Temple. #blooper

Docunemt? Indian Railways has coined a new word on their latest train, Tejas Express from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Thanks Dhanraj Kamdar for capturing the #Englishgaffe and sharing. #blooper

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