Thanks @stockarchitect Bullish Pattern – Symmetrical Triangle

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On an invoice from a shop in Andheri West. Ladies became ladish. Thank heavens they didn’t turn to radishes 😊😊 #Englishgaffe #blooper Thanks to Vinubhai for sharing this gem.

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2 years without coffee and counting….

March 17, 2016, was the day I quit coffee completely. Why? I was a caffeine addict and I am serious about the word, addict. Morning and afternoon was my dose when I started, but then as luck would have had it, early morning, breakfast, mid-morning, afternoon, late afternoon and during the evening I would be consuming coffee.

Worse, I graduated to black coffee so the caffeine kick was extra effective. Gradually the strong milk coffee consumption dwindled to nearly 80% of black coffee.

Life was tough indeed for a week after kicking the habit. I did not wean off gradually. In fact, it was a sudden decision. So much so that on the morning of the big day, I was enjoying my coffee not knowing what lay ahead for the day. Around 10:30, I decided enough was enough and in a flash announced to my friend that I was off it.

The week after, was indeed a living hell, as I had splitting headaches, I was fidgety and God knows what I was undergoing. But I used painkillers to curb the headaches and overcame that. Gradually I slipped back into normal mode. It wasn’t easy but at the same time, it wasn’t impossible too. It was a test of my will-power and my commitment to my friend. I just couldn’t let him and hence myself down.

All those who still are thinking of kicking the habit (be it tea, coffee or smoking, which thankfully I don’t), you can do it. It is just a decision that you need to make and STICK to it come what may. Yes, a week’s torture is what it will mean (maybe more) but always remember you can do it.

I did it and am off coffee for 2 years now. I am certain you can too.

Spotted somewhere in Jogeshwari East. At progress???? Should be in progress. #Englishgaffe #blooper

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Thanks @stockarchitect #Repost @stockarchitect with @get_repost ・・・ Bullish Pattern – Ascending Triangle

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Just received this awesome belt from It was delivered quickly and the quality is excellent. #leatheraccessories #leather

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Gujarati breakfast at Hiralal Bhajiawala, Bhuleshwar. #cyclingjoys Amazing dhoklas and Sev Ameri.

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