Radio resurrected (for me atleast)

BIG FM LogoThe advent of the television coupled with the streaming video etc. would make one think that it was the death knell for the radio. Who listens to the radio is what they say and many would agree too with that.
I would disagree. Given a choice, I would love to listen to the radio over TV. Why? The unpredictability keeps you guessing. And the music is cool as ever especially if you (like me) are a fan of Kishore Kumar and Panchamda. Imagine hearing two of your favourite songs back to back!! Sheer bliss as I experienced recently.
I got hooked to Win 94.6 in the early FM days when Malishka was on the air doing the Breakfast Show. We continue to remain in touch but honestly I don’t listen to her station much these days as the music is what Kavya and her ilk like.
Mumbai has 92.7 Big FM which only plays the hits of yore. The morning RJ, Siddharth is good too as he shares a lot of trivia and ofcourse plays brilliant music. For years, I have been used to the radio in the shower. So when I hear my favourite Panchamda number being crooned by Kishoreda, my spirits soar and my day is made. The best part is that they play all kinds of songs and not just Panchamda so Mom and wifey too are happy listening to that station on the home theatre. Just that Kavya is red-faced unless the song is one she knows. But I guess she will soon realise the worth of the music being played over what is being dished out presently in the garb of music.
The other show that I love is again on 92.7 Big FM and is called Suhana Safar with Anu Kapoor. Excellent research and helps me gather knowledge and most importantly the music is awesome too. Makes the journey to office so musical and enjoyable.
Thank you FM. You are filling in a big void in my life every single day,

Chocolate paan!!! Yesterday evening outside Cream Centre, Chowpatty. No! I didn’t eat it.

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So so so true.

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friendsThe typical Scorpio that I am, I am extremely sensitive about who I call “my friend”. Not the acquaintance types but the kind of people who make a mark in my life. And am I glad to have such friends. Right from childhood to now, I have some dear friends who have stood by me through thick and thin. And life is a roller coaster ride always. You go through your ups and downs but it is when you are at the nadir, that you realise that there are people who stand by you. These are the friends who matter. All this may sound very cliched, but it is the truth in my case for sure. My friendships or rather relationships have grown over months, years and decades but I have always been proud of my friends. They know what they mean to me in life. We may not meet often but we are there, somewhere there, somewhere around. Just a shout and they will show up.

Aristotle said “Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.” Couldn’t agree more. It is like a garden. The more you put in, the more you get out of it. And like wine, it only gets better with time.

Memories of a friend who moved on….

memoriesLife – So uncertain, full of twists and turns. Friday, January 22, 2016 in the morning, I got the news on the school group of the demise of a school mate, Ameesh. Shocked was I? Not really even if we are just 48. We knew he was battling lung cancer and doctors had given up. But reality hits you like a ton of bricks. Suddenly you realise that he is gone. The void is never going to be filled up. All this while we knew that he was fighting valiantly against this nasty disease but now it is all over.

All those school memories flash before your eyes. Even if we may not have been the thickest of pals, each of us of the 1983 batch had something to share with each other. And now suddenly, you know that death is lurking right behind each one of us.

But let us remember the good times we spent with Ameesh. I remember we shared the same bench during the 4th or the 5th standard and he used to call me Ladu Singh Taxiwala after a television character then enacted by Paintal. During those days, his Dad would come in his Fiat and pick up my books for him to copy and return. His Dad would always return the books with a chocolate. My introduction to THE hottest magazine in school in the 10th was thanks to him. We had been to see him a couple of years ago too. But now it is all over.

Yesterday was his prayer meeting and I had watched “Chhello Divas” too yesterday, a movie all about friendship and life in those days when we were young. Suddenly you feel like going out and hugging all your friends and telling them “let us all get together. Who knows when next I will see you all.” February 12th is the plan tentatively for the 1983 batch meeting. I do hope to meet as many of us as possible. Kya pata Kal ho na ho.

RIP Ameesh. We will miss you.

Barfi Paratha!!!! Found this in Ahmedabad. Not tried

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The fetish for a #visa to #USA used by a travel agent in Ahmedabad. These are successful visa applicants (like I care) but scores have gone back empty handed.

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