After a long time rode solo this morning. Happy to have clocked an average of over 20 kmph. Trying to shake myself out of the lethargy not to mention the additional kilos. #cyclingjoys

The ubiquitous rasam wada and idli at Air Conditioned Udipi, King’s Circle yesterday evening.

Ok I will get a massage done but will that solve your problem? There is a huge difference between message and massage. Thanks to Ajaybhai Amin for spotting and sharing this #blooper on WhatsApp. #Englishgaffe @urnita

Sunday morning ride with @abhishektipnis and @conqueror_2510. To NCPA and then to Thane and back. A good 82 km ride after what seemed like eternity. #cyclingjoys

Wondering if they actually serve the cheese sandwich for consumption inflight??? How do they ensure compliance 🤔🤔🤔 Thanks to guitarist Brijesh Shah for capturing and sharing this #blooper somewhere in Panvel. #Englishgaffe

Dear @zeenews, please learn the basics of English language. There is a stark difference between complains and complaints. One is a verb and the other is a noun but well only if you understand. #blooper #Englishgaffe

I still haven’t found the answer to this question!!! Can someone please enlightene me??

Decarbonisation also helps in some terrible #blooper s. Thanks to @conqueror_2510 for spotting and sharing this on WhatsApp. #Englishgaffe

Food that makes you wet? This is surely some gastronomic experience I am sure. Spotted at some restaurant in Hyderabad by Abhijit Mane. Thanks for sharing. #blooper #Englishgaffe

Whatever they inaugurate, they’re definitely inaugurating an English dictionary. Thanks to Vinaybhai Shah for sharing this #blooper on WhatsApp. Somewhere in Ahmedabad this is. #Englishgaffe