Vishesh (Hindi for special) spelling for dishes. Spotted during the ride this morning in Thane off Eastern Express Highway. #Englishgaffe #blooper

Wow!! I am only glad they are not coaching anyone in English else the poor fellows would surely flunk TOEFL or whatever exam 😔 Thanks to @zuri0206 for spotting this #blooper somewhere in Maninagar, Ahmedabad and sharing. #Englishgaffe

Home made sizzlers thanks to masterchef, @premalg while watching the equally sizzling match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Had a fabulous time.

Someone is out to spite the English language. This could be their way of spitting on the language too. Thanks to Kiran Rao for capturing and sharing this #blooper on a tree in the compound of Acworth Hospital, Wadala. #Englishgaffe

Dear @cnnnews18 can you please be a little more serious (grim) about your spellings? The #blooper just makes me laugh (grin). Thanks to Rajeev Narshana for spotting and sharing this #Englishgaffe

The famous Downing Street in UK – where the rich and famous reside. Looks like thieves also share the same address 😂 Thanks to Shirish Kamdar for sharing this on WhatsApp.

Dear Mosaic Hotel, spellings are valuable too. Please use them correctly. Thanks to Yash Desai for spotting and sharing this #blooper somewhere in Jaipur. #Englishgaffe

What happens when you don’t care about the signage!! Is it east, West,best??? Thanks to @parakhk for spotting and sharing this #blooper somewhere in Hiranandani Gardens, Thane. #Englishgaffe

What are they trying to advertise??? Free WiFi or free wife??? Amazing botch up. Thanks to Kshitij Kotak for sharing this epic #blooper. #Englishgaffe

They serve 50 varieties of spellings as well along with Frankies. Thanks to @jineshu for spotting and sharing this #blooper somewhere in Sion. #Englishgaffe