Visit to the US – A surprise for Mom and Dad

This visit to the US is actually for the RightFax conference in Tuscon from July 12 to 14th. In March / April itself the booking was made. I knew Mom and Dad would be there in Atlanta so did not mention to them about the planned trip at all. Started informing my sister and a very few close friends in mid May not to ruin the surprise. I had kept it hidden from Kavya right till the very end as she would blurt it out to my Mom the first thing. Finally informed her at 1625 on Wednesday and immediately left even before she could react. Made it to JFK at 6 am on Thursday and was picked up by Namrata and Aasta and we went to Wall Street to meet Parin. It is so good to meet friends and closest friends make you feel even better. We were together with Parin for 90 minutes or so (for which Namrata paid a whopping $27 for parking!!!!) but it was well worth it. Namrata and Aasta dropped me at JFK and I then moved to Atlanta. The prepaid phone here (again thanks to Parin) was a boon as I was in touch with my sister once I landed. We drove home and I stood outside while she went in and told my parents to go see what she got for them. Since Papa has fractured his foot, it took a while for him to move. Mom was under the impression that it would be some grocery shopping or such. Then when Parul insisted she step out, she moved and when she saw me she was dumb founded. Throughout the day she was under the impression that some friend was coming from India and when she saw me she was stunned. It was worth the whole planning. We spent three full days together and now I will soon be on my way to Tucson, AZ for the conference. All in all had a brief but fun stay in Atlanta.

Published by Manish Kamdar

Proud Father of Kavya, challenged at the girth, foodie, cyclist, blogger, RD Burman and Kishore Kumar fanatic, entrepreneur, Toastmaster, beginner at BKS Iyengar Yoga for over a decade....

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