Wake up call for me….


This morning, as I was going through the Facebook posts of a friend, I realised that he had stayed the night at Hinduja Hospital. I immediately called him up as I was under the impression that his Mother probably was admitted as she is undergoing treatment for cancer. I was shocked to know that it was a common friend who was in hospital for the past one week. Gosh! We are all around 45 years of age and hospitalised? It takes a while for reality to sink in honestly. This friend has a clot in his brain but luckily the vessel hasn’t burst but it has affected his ability to walk, to speak even if he remembers everything.

In the evening got to know that another friend was terminally ill with cancer with few months left.

Honestly I will admit I am shaken up. I am myself sitting on a ticking time bomb what with my health issues but I thought I had started working on them. Now I think I need to double up. Eat less, watch what I eat and reduce stress levels. After what is the point in all the worldly possessions if you can enjoy them? My daughter (all of 8 years) is my life and I just can’t let her down. So will have to work on it with renewed vigour seriously.


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  1. Manishbhai. Hi. Your same old friend Manish Ruparel. I have just read what you have mentioned. I have just one question now. Why do people Wake up when they get a SHOCK ? Many a times some near or dear ones talk genuinely to us and inform us to
    control our taste buds. But we never pay any heed to them. We only consider it when we
    find ourselves in a situation which requires Herculean efforts to go back to Normalcy. I have couple of friends who are Gukta eaters. Inspite of genuine suggestions to stop it as it leads to cancer, they just shrug it off n are philosophical and say one day eventually we have to go. So lets enjoy and go. I just say :-

    1) We should eat to live and Not Live to Eat.
    2) Chinta Chita Par Le jati hai. So dont take tensions. Whatever is destined is
    bound to happen. You cannot Stop it.
    3) If No time for Exercises, just walk, climb stairs, use less of vehicles, Reduce the
    frequency of Oily and sweet stuff. Everything will be fine.
    4) Learn from Others Mistakes and problems. It is the cheapest price we pay to learn.
    5) Learning from our Mistakes is the Most expensive price we pay to learn.

    I will appreciate a thought provoking words of advise from you.

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