Lessons to be learnt from Taxis / Taxi drivers

Mumbai Taxis
We have all seen the famous yellow and black taxis in Mumbai either in person if living in Mumbai or in Bollywood films. The thoughts that I am sharing are lessons learnt from the taxis / drivers. These are not my thoughts but have had the opportunity to learn these by interacting with different people over the past few weeks / months.
The first lesson is thanks to a dear friend, philosopher and guide, Suneel Agarwal. We often see an empty taxi and curse the driver ahead as he is slow and looking out for a prospect at every possible corner. Our blood pressure often reaches flash point if we are in the car behind such an empty taxi. However if there is a passenger in the cab, the taxi is driving fast and smooth.
In life too, such an analogy applies. A man without a purpose in life, without a goal in life is like a taxi without a passenger going about in his own way at his own pace, stopping everywhere and blocking the path ahead of the people following him. Similarly a man with purpose is moving fast in the direction of his goal.
The second lesson was had when in Delhi last week when I met a Senior Executive. We were discussing where he lived and commuting to work and home. It turns out that he lived some 60 kms away from his place of work and knowing the Delhi traffic he has taken upto 3 hours to travel one way. One day he was complaining about this and his Mother said “Look at a taxi driver. Does he ever complain? No. Ever wondered why? That’s his job and like it or not he has to do it so he enjoys what he is doing”. In life we too need to enjoy doing what we are doing.
The third lesson was learnt when I attended the Mastering the Mind Monkey Session by Dr. Anand Patkar. He spoke of Taxi drivers and asked the audience if we had ever noticed that when we are trying to catch a flight or reach for an appointment, we ask the driver to hurry up. But the taxi driver drives as he would. Can he change the traffic or anything else? No. So he does what is best and remains calm and drives along merrily. We have to bear the brunt of the stress. In life, let us understand that not everything is in our control so best is to leave things as they are and enjoy the ride.

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