The Cream Centre of San Francisco. Queues galore all for an ice-cream.

via Instagram


  1. Was this at Ghirardelli? Yummy king crabs at Pier 39.
    Also, if you want to try great mexican cuisine (and authentic one, not texmex) then take Caltrain, get down at San Antonio and go to BurritoReal. Lunch at Daksha Desai’s (DD’s) and dinner at BurritoReal. Or then go to Daly City, there is one next to Nations Burger. BTW, Nations Burger make some awesome pies.

    1. Yes this was Ghirardeli. I am a vegetarian majorly except for chicken. Dude very little time now as we head to NY day after in the morning and have to meet school friends and other relatives. Gujjus so bound to be flooded with relatives in USA.

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