P8 – The Evergreen Inferno

SholayYesterday I gave my P8 speech at Bombay Toastmasters. The objectives of P8 are:

  1. Select visual aids that are appropriate for your message and the audience.
  2. Use visual aids correctly with ease and confidence.
  3. Time: 5 to 7 minutes

Here is the transcript of my speech. Also attached is the link to the video of the clips I used.

4 decades and one week ago, we celebrated our 29th Independence Day. It was Friday, August 15, 1975 as we proudly unfurled the tri colour in school (Slide School). Little did I know that there was history in the making on that very day. Like the freedom movement then, it was now India’s turn to rid ourselves from the clutches of a tyrant – (Slide Gabbar Singh)

Toastmaster of the day, Fellow Toastmasters and dear guests, Ramesh Sippy’s magnum opus, Sholay (slide) has in my opinion been his best ever movie in more than one way. Let me today highlight a few small but unforgettable gems of this classic.

Sholay – the moment one hears the name, it brings to mind Gabbar Singh and his immortalised sidekick <Video Sambha>

While the scene was to be shot, Amjad Khan remembered a dhobi from his childhood days who would call out to his wife: ‘Arre O Shanti.’ The lilt in Gabbar’s dialogue came from this dhobi.” Mac Mohan who played Sambha traveled 27 times from Mumbai to Bangalore for the shooting of the smallest role. When Macmohan saw the edited print, he was distraught and rushed to Ramesh Sippy “I am reduced to an extra in the film. Why don’t you just edit me out?” Ramesh Sippy said “I have edited as much as I could and the censors did their bit. There is nothing I can do now. But I will tell you, if this film works, no one will forget Sambha”. Unhappy that Macmohan was, he never attended the premiere. It was only when people on the streets recognised him as Sambha and asked for his autograph, reality dawned upon him. In the end of September, after 6 weeks of the release, he decided to watch the movie with his family. He was mobbed in the theatre and had to show his face on persistent demand from the audience. The police had to be called in to rein in the audience and let the STAR leave. 

<Video Clip – Tera kya hoga Kaalia> 

Kaalia – the character was enacted by Vithal Bapurao Khote popularly known as Viju Khote. He had a 7 minute footage in the entire film but his dialog is permanently tattooed in the minds of Bollywood fans. Ramesh Sippy had asked him to come to his office. As he was getting in Amjad Khan walked out and said “Viju, do this character. It is good. We will enjoy this film together” There was no semblance of what lay ahead for him. He had to practice horse riding and bear the brunt of a mare who knocked him down several times during the shoot. 

<video clip – Itna sannata kyun hai bhai?>

Rahim Chacha – enacted by A K Hangal – His dialog “Itna Sannata kyun hai bhai?” remains etched in our minds. The portrayal of an old and blind father who has lost his son was heart wrenching. He was given a brief outline about the blind, orthodox, Muslim Imam he had to play, and he prepared for the role by studying blind people and how a devout Muslim offered namaaz. The way in which he dramatized the scene was a great example of understanding the value of silence. Viewers identified with the emotions and could cry easily.

Just like these small characters in Sholay who made a mark for themselves, in life, does it really matter what our title is? Do we perform better because our business card has the fancy hierarchical words? Will you instantly become less productive if those words were taken away? I would rather focus on The kind of work I get to do, The level of responsibility I have, The opportunities for me to grow and The values I stand for.

https://youtu.be/pN62yIGJERc is the link to the visual stuff I used.

Ended up joint winner for the best speech at the club.

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