Stage fright and overcoming the same

Stage frightHow often do we come across people who may possess a wealth of knowledge but when it comes to sharing that same knowledge from a dais, they are petrified? We all have experienced a situation when we know the speech by rote, know the content too but when we stand up on stage in front of people, we just blank out.

Welcome to the frightful world of stage fear. No I don’t intend to scare anyone but it is true. Most of us if not all are mortally scared of standing on the stage and talking to a group.

How can we overcome this fear? As a Toastmaster, I know there is a platform to speak but then just speaking is not the be all and end all so we need to present. That is where we need presentation skills. We need to make an everlasting impact on the audience. We need to learn more than just how to talk. We ought to know what to talk, how to make it more interesting and also how to engage the audience. Practise, practise and practise. Every opportunity you have grab it with both hands. Learn from specialists who can teach you more than just speaking.

Published by Manish Kamdar

Proud Father of Kavya, challenged at the girth, foodie, person with diabetes, cyclist, blogger, RD Burman and Kishore Kumar fanatic, entrepreneur, Toastmaster, a beginner at BKS Iyengar Yoga for over a decade....

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