Installation Speech as President of Bombay Toastmasters Club

On June 25, 2016, I was installed as the President of Bombay Toastmasters Club. Here is the text of the speech I made on that day.

On behalf of the entire Executive Committee, let me thank you all. It is an honour and a matter of pride to be the President of Bombay Toastmasters Club, where leaders are made.

September 14, 2013 is when I walked into BTM as a guest and then became a member. Little did I know then, that someday I would be standing here as a President. Thank you all for the encouragement.

We have in the past 8 years had illustrious presidents who have gone on to become leaders not just in their respective fields but also in Toastmasters. And taking over from Toastmaster Hasnain is by no means a small responsibility, as he led us throughout the year despite all the challenges. There have been trying times for the club, but thanks to the unconditional support from the senior members, the club already has laid a solid foundation. Thank you one and all.

In keeping with the mission of Toastmasters, this is a platform to enable each one of us to become better leaders, better speakers, better listeners and better communicators. We are all from different backgrounds but there is one thread that binds us all – our craving to learn and improve. Let us keep that fire in us burning as we embark on this new year.

Today, we have chosen a new set of people to serve the club as officers. While we may not be as experienced, we certainly have the passion to learn, to help and to grow together. We will continue to build a fun-filled and cheerful atmosphere so that you come here not just to improve your speaking skills, but also to make friends, to learn from one another, and become a better speaker as well as a better leader. We shall continue to build an inspiring atmosphere so that you feel happy, inspired and come home with a feeling “I have learned something new today”.

Thanks once again. Let us make the new year more rocking than ever before.

Published by Manish Kamdar

Proud Father of Kavya, challenged at the girth, foodie, person with diabetes, cyclist, blogger, RD Burman and Kishore Kumar fanatic, entrepreneur, Toastmaster, a beginner at BKS Iyengar Yoga for over a decade....

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