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Personal Productivity

Productivity is the state or quality of being productive as per the dictionary.

I have always tried to organise the things on my mind such that I can accomplish maximum things.

I use a tool called Remember the Milk currently which may be a rudimentary task list organiser but the free version is good or so I felt after having tried a host of tools including Google Keep, the stock tasks tool in iPhone, Todoist etc. And the thoroughbred Gujju that I am, it is against the grain to pay for something.

I had heard a lot about David Allen and his book Getting Things Done, the GTD method etc. Finally got the book from Amazon and also laid my hands on the Audio book.

While it is early days for me (I am still at the second stage of organising), it took me quite some time to clear the first stage of the brain dump or capture. That itself is a big task as you dump everything that comes to your mind. It took me quite some time to do that and believe me I am still adding to it on a daily basis. Since this is the first brain dump, it is taking me sometime to finish stage 2 of organising. I am in parallel reading / listening to the book too.

Has it helped me so far? Yes. So many hidden thoughts are now out on paper / some medium. You realise there is so much in your mind that you need to finish.

I must also admit that somehow, the pen and paper works best for me when it comes to a daily basis. So, I may jot down everything in Evernote but finally, the tasks for each day are written in hand in my journal. It works for me but don’t know if it works for all. Secondly, I have been using since maybe 5 years or so (got in early and so am using it for free even now. It is now a paid app). Every single day, I have to jot down what I have completed. It is a good trip down memory lane once in a while no doubt but it helps me in a lot of other ways.

If you are reading this post, do share your thoughts / methods of keeping yourself most productive.


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