Importance of sleep – My personal experience


I am a diabetic as I mentioned earlier.
Working hard to bring down my blood sugar levels and that is done with medication, thanks to my doctor and a proper diet, thanks to my sister.
Since the fasting levels were out of sync even after changes in medication and diet, my sister insisted on knowing what time I had dinner and what time I slept and woke up.
I am a regular at 5 am thanks to Robin Sharma and sometimes even if I slept past midnight I would be up at 5 am.
For the past two days, the sugar levels at home were 140 and 150. Yesterday since I had a late night due to a medical emergency in the family, I switched off the alarm and slept for a good 8 hours.
The fasting level as predicted by my sister dropped to 135.
I now realise that it is not just diet and exercise that matters. Even the rest that we give to our body matters. If you are like me, working hard on reducing the sugar levels do think of the amount of rest you give your body.

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