Cycling trip to Nagaon beach

October 2nd, 2014 was the day I completed my first ever century ride but no  need to wax eloquent about that.
A few days ago, on October 2, 2018, we went to Nagaon beach just for the heck of it. I had never been there on my bicycle so was all pumped up and it was worth the effort.
We started at 0530 from Ruia College Signal and reached Gateway of India by 0615. Rony and Shivkumar accompanied me as we pedaled away without the traffic or such save and except for that black dog who came running behind me 😞 Everyone seems to be aware of my fear of the canine species.
As luck would have it, the first launch was cancelled so we had time to watch the sun come up and take some pictures.
We then left by the ferry at 7 am which put us at Mandwa jetty by 0830.
Going to Mandwa
Started cycling in the roads laced with greenery and trees so it was enjoyable. Rony had his music system playing and with Panchamda playing, what more could a Pancham Paagal ask for? We rode almost non stop to Nagaon beach (only halt we had been to grab a pav vada for breakfast) and were there by 10 am. Good weather.
Ride from Mandwa to Nagaon
Rony and his selfie abilities even when riding
Shivkumar and I went wading into the water. Despite being a public holiday, the beach wasn’t so crowded.
Left from there around 11 and just as we got out, heard a huge whissssshhh. Rony’s rear wheel had a flat. We first tried to fix the puncture but it turned out that the rear tyre was damaged so decided to put him into an auto rickshaw and send him to the jetty.
As we were walking ahead looking, for an auto, someone asked, Puncture? And we nodded yes. So he directed us to this gentleman barely 500 metres away who had his cycle repair shop in his cottage itself. He was God sent honestly. Fixed the puncture and the tire but the air again leaked so decided to replace the tube. Rony being Rony was fully geared up with spare tubes despite this being his foldie and not his regular bicycle. We finally started off at 1220 from there.
Decided to skip Alibag and proceeded straight to Mandwa Jetty. On the way had sugar cane juice, a banana and water. The heat was seriously getting to us. We made it to the jetty by 2 pm just about the time when the catamaran was leaving. Hurriedly picked up bottles of water with some chips and rushed to the catamaran.
Return leg
Came back to Gateway of India by 3.30 pm. The catamaran was faster than the morning ferry. Guzzled water and started once again to reach home by 4.30 pm.
It was a fun ride even if hot. Ended up with 85.8 kms which was short of the century done 4 years ago but it was truly a memorable ride.

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