Shaken but not stirred…


It was the usual Sunday morning ride for my cycling buddy, Rony and I. We started at 0610 from King’s Circle on our way to Swamy’s at Thane. Rony had some motor bike jerk nearly running into him but it was bearable.

After we crossed Vikhroli but before the Airoli junction, as we were cycling away merrily, we witnessed this horrific accident. A motor bike rider in the extreme right lane suddenly lost control and / or skidded. Now that is the fastest lane but luckily the car behind him (a Toyota Innova) could control the vehicle and didn’t get to him. But the rider was on the road surface flying off with the bike following him. It was a bad sight and honestly I was expecting terrible visuals. Luckily the man stood up while some people rushed there. They held him and got him to the kerbside and the bike too.

Since he was able to walk, it meant his bones were OK. He was bleeding thanks to the bruises. Rony, the wonder man, is always well equipped. He whipped out the first aid box and came up with the bottle of Mercurochrome (Merbromin is the chemical name says Wikipedia). He rushed to the injured man and applied that while I was standing by the bicycles. He returned after a few minutes and was rummaging through his bags. Lo and behold, he got two bandages out. He went to the man and strapped his injuries in bandage. The man was thankful no doubt but in the midst of all of these happenings he was inquiring if his motor bike was OK!!! Even in such a tight corner when he nearly escaped death, he was concerned about his motor bike. Man you are something else.

We started to ride again but Rony and I were both shaken up by what we saw and encountered.

Thank God for the helmet that he was wearing else it would have been disastrous. Thank God for there were no cars coming from behind. Thank God for the Innova driver swerving out of the way. Thank God for he had no broken bones in what to me looked like he would have crushed his bones. Thank God for Rony being there well equipped with his medical kit.

I have always been scared of these motor cycles but those who do enjoy the rides, please be responsible and wear a helmet at all times. I don’t want to wax eloquent about the benefits of a helmet on your head. It is mandated by law and I often see people carrying it with them and tying it up somewhere while they ride. C’mon guys! It is meant to protect your head and not the seat on which it is placed or such.

The young man this morning escaped with very minor injuries and honestly considering the fall I saw, I would say he escaped unhurt. It could have been fatal. Please be careful of your head. Use a helmet at all times. Watch the roads please. It is slippery out there so please control your speed.

You’ve got one life to live so live it to the fullest.

Published by Manish Kamdar

Proud Father of Kavya, challenged at the girth, foodie, cyclist, blogger, RD Burman and Kishore Kumar fanatic, entrepreneur, Toastmaster, beginner at BKS Iyengar Yoga for over a decade ....

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