A “monstery” “found” in 1314. And you are “Well Come”. Thanks to @ketan_san for capturing and sharing this #Englishgaffe all the way from Bahar Dar, Ethiopia, located on an island on Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile. #International now. Looks like we will go places with these captures:-)

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“Take on Me” by A-ha hits a billion views #takeonme1BN

This week, A-ha‘s smash hit “Take on Me” crossed a billion views!!! A 1985 hot favourite for me it was. Just into Engineering and I remember my friend’s sister, Daksha had been to the US for the summer and had recorded this from Z 100 a radio station based in New York state. We then hadContinue reading ““Take on Me” by A-ha hits a billion views #takeonme1BN”

Privileged to visit Vidyalankar Institute of Tech. as part of @igiftlife. Students & Prof. Harish were all pumped up to share the info abt #organdonation amongst their peers. Good luck students & keep up the fantastic work. Special thanks to Vishwas Deshpande for making it happen

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What happens when you don’t care about your branding? The plastic piece in the word vegetarian fell off making it an #Englishgaffe. Thanks @urnita for sharing this #blooper captured somewhere near Borivili station.

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