As a diabetic, can I have this suger can juice? #Englishgaffe #blooper Thanks to @jineshu for sharing this. Location: somewhere in Parel.

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Beautiful pink flowers opposite Godrej, Vikhroli. #cyclingjoys

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Indianisation at @mcdonalds_india. #interesting #cyclingjoys

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Amazing Moroccan Mint flavoured green tea at @mcdonalds_india I’m lovin’ it indeed. #cyclingjoys

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Mind games during the city ride on the day of Holi

Yesterday was Holi and hence I could plan my ride in advance. No one was around to accompany me but I was determined to go solo if needed so I set off at 0600 and went without a break all the way to Mulund toll naka. Took the customary pee break and then continued all along on the Eastern Express Highway. Too a U-turn from Ghodbunder Road junction and messaged my family and friends where I was. Of course, it is now a given that I share my location on Google maps with them so they can actually see where I am thus not needing to call to check about my well-being.

The mind is funny and it begins playing games. Around the u-turn, I was thinking of going to the McDonald’s for breakfast and I knew that post breakfast, it would be difficult to ride for long. Without thinking much I took the u-turn and continued for a kilometer or so just so that I would not go back.

The weather so far wasn’t all that bad. Continued the journey back and around Ghatkopar, the mind games started. “Maybe I should continue straight and head home. It is getting hot.” Somehow I overruled my brains and turned left from Priyadarshini Circle and moved on towards Bhakti Park. Went in for a good 2 or 3 kms before halting to message. Informed all that I was heading to town.

Continued pushing myself and went through the BPT road all the way to Colaba. Ended up at Regal and so Cafe Mondegar it was. Had a yummy omelet with a toast. By then had done 71 kms so was feeling good. The next challenge was to get home. As I left Mondegar, it was 11 am and the sun was in its full glory.

Went to Nariman Point and turned at NCPA to continue down to Wilson College where I turned in and went to see my Father in law. Carried the bicycle up and right into his living room which surprised a lot of people but I wouldn’t risk my bicycle for anything. Was there for around 20 minutes and then rode back home.

Ended up doing 89 kms. But lesson learnt, that the mind does play a lot of games. We need to overcome the chattering that the mind produces.

I regret not having completed 100 kms but I guess it is OK now. I will have to work on the route to ensure that I do it next time.

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Different varieties of khakhras and different spellings too. DITE?? Looks like the word diet went on crash diet and jumbled up the spelling. Thanks to Rajeshbhai Kothari for sharing this. #Englishgaffe #blooper

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