Toastmasters P5 – All shook up

My P5 the 5th speech project from the Toastmasters Competent Communicator Manual. The objectives of P5 were to complement your message with your body during delivery. Specifically, be aware of: posture body movement facial expressions eye contact Thanks to Kavya I could bring in Lungi Dance into this speech and I enacted it as well. TheContinue reading “Toastmasters P5 – All shook up”

2 weeks of travelling

Finally am back home on terra firma after a 11 days of travelling. Started off on Tuesday, March 2nd when I went to Bangalore in the morning and returned in the evening. Next day morning was on the flight to Delhi and returned the next day in the evening. Friday was my Father in Law’sContinue reading “2 weeks of travelling”

Mobile Etiquette on flights

I was shocked when I landed from Bangalore into Delhi on Tuesday (July 14, 2009) night. As soon as we touched down, you could hear the SMSes flowing in and one great human had the audacity to call up his driver or whosoever came to receive him immediately upon touch down that he had landedContinue reading “Mobile Etiquette on flights”

Indigo Airlines seat confusion

Indigo is a low cost airline in India and their performance is amazing when it comes to punctuality. Hats off to them for that. Unfortunately the airline code is 6E and so every time I have travelled with them there is always someone else sitting in seat 6E and then someone coming and insisting thatContinue reading “Indigo Airlines seat confusion”