Christmas 2014 – A memorable day for me.

It was a normal day to start with just that the previous night, I had promised Kavya that I would be back by 1030 from cycling. She had taken my phone which at that time I felt was to play Lumosity (That is the only game permitted on my phone). I had expected it to beContinue reading “Christmas 2014 – A memorable day for me.”

Ride to Afghan Church, Colaba

This morning we rode to Afghan Church at Navy Nagar in Colaba with Bandra Cycling Club. Since they were leaving at 0545 we thought we will join them at Shivaji Park so we (Rony, Nitin and me) left at 0600 from Dadar TT. The group was slightly behind schedule so we waited and then joinedContinue reading “Ride to Afghan Church, Colaba”

Cycling in a group

  I have been cycling for the past one year and have been doing it all by myself. Was too shy to go and learn from people maybe or maybe my girth. Enough excuses. Sunday March 30, I had my first group ride to Sewree mudflats about which I blogged already. Last Sunday ie April 6,Continue reading “Cycling in a group”