Mumbai traffic – getting worse!!

Yesterday, February 13, 2014, I had the misfortune of driving from Andheri East (MIDC) via Dharavi to home. It was an awful drive and thank God for the multiple FM stations, the phone with bluetooth and the AC that kept me company throughout the ordeal. It took me a good 90 minutes to drive theContinue reading “Mumbai traffic – getting worse!!”

India – A land of many cultures and festivals too!

Strange a title you would wonder but this is what I am beginning to realise yet again. I am an Indian at heart and an Indian by birth but my knowledge on festivals would be restricted to generally the ones we celebrate in western India. Today a colleague from our Bangalore office applied for leaveContinue reading “India – A land of many cultures and festivals too!”

Bangalore and Mumbai differences

I returned from Bangalore last night after cutting short my travel plans thanks to the terrible cough which just kept getting worse so much so that I was practically living on water (Imagine consuming 10 litres of water in 21 hours) and rushing to the loo so often. It was terrible. I am not sayingContinue reading “Bangalore and Mumbai differences”

A temple that worships dogs???

No I am not off my rocker. Yesterday evening on my way home, Kiran mentioned about a news item he saw the other day in which they showed there was a temple near Bangalore which worshipped dogs!! It was unbelievable but I googled it up and realised that it is true. With temples built forContinue reading “A temple that worships dogs???”

Some movie this…. It is nameless

Writing from Bangalore and the city is plastered with posters of this movie which has no name. All it has is this hand symbol and people are calling it “Super” so I guess the movie is now named super. What an ugh looking hero though I am told he is a super star here, Upendra.Continue reading “Some movie this…. It is nameless”

Common Wealth Mess

The Common Wealth Games 2010 are supposed to be held in Delhi in 10 days times. Why am I saying “supposed to” is because it is such a messy affair. India has been mocked at here, there, everywhere. The corruption scandals, the security, the widespread dengue is all in the news. To add insult toContinue reading “Common Wealth Mess”

Dearth of copywriters in Bangalore?

Last week in Bangalore, Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the ruling Nehru Gandhi family and heir apparent to the Indian throne was then visiting. The city as expected was plastered with posters welcoming the young leader. Just that all of the posters had a common error. All posters were “heartly” welcoming him. A gaffe yetContinue reading “Dearth of copywriters in Bangalore?”

Height of Indianisation

On Wednesday when I was in Bangalore (April 7, 2010) I chanced to see an advertisement on a truck featuring Pav Bhaji Pizza from US Pizza. This to me was a real shocker. For those unaware, Pav Bhaji is a typical Mumbai dish in which they make a hash of boiled vegetables, garlic and onionsContinue reading “Height of Indianisation”