Trek ride to Tungareshwar Temple

  March 3, 2019 Today for the first time I rode past my farthest point travelled on Western Express Highway. I had so far visited Bhajanlal Dairy Farm and back but this time my partner in crime, Rony decided that we would go to Tungareshwar Temple. Tungareshwar is located on Vasai Road (East) in ThaneContinue reading “Trek ride to Tungareshwar Temple”

The Pagoda ride and then coastal ride

I was longing to go to the Global Vipassana Pagoda near Gorai. Had missed a ride earlier when friends had gone there. Finally, we decided to go there on February 4, 2018. As is typical of me, I announced it to my friends and family and of course my accountability partners just so that I hadContinue reading “The Pagoda ride and then coastal ride”

My P3 at Toastmasters finally – The Relationship Cycle

My Project 3 Speech was kind of jinxed as it took me quite some time to write down and then when I was due to give it, I had to call it off as had to travel outside town. Finally on September 5, 2014, I gave it as a Test Speaker at a corporate club,Continue reading “My P3 at Toastmasters finally – The Relationship Cycle”

Ride to Afghan Church, Colaba

This morning we rode to Afghan Church at Navy Nagar in Colaba with Bandra Cycling Club. Since they were leaving at 0545 we thought we will join them at Shivaji Park so we (Rony, Nitin and me) left at 0600 from Dadar TT. The group was slightly behind schedule so we waited and then joinedContinue reading “Ride to Afghan Church, Colaba”

Cycling Tips

Thanks to Chetan Shah for collating this information. Will do a world of good to a lot of newbies To get started, I would recommend that you buy a cycle & basic accessories. For most beginner riders in the city, I would recommend a HYBRID bike. The other 2 types of cycles available are ROADContinue reading “Cycling Tips”