Shishuvan’s Project Day 2014

Kavya’s school, Shishuvan held their Project Day 2014 on July 25th and 26th. As has been the norm every child participates in the event (will not wax eloquent on that lest I stray from my thoughts) The theme for Kavya and her class IV was India and her neighbours. Kavya had sung the Bangladeshi song (she said itContinue reading “Shishuvan’s Project Day 2014”

The great Indian Jugaad

Jugaad is a very popular word in India and is a Hindi word which means an innovative fix or a simple work-around. We Indians have been Jugaadus all the time. Today I am in Delhi and I saw this auto rickshaw which wasn’t actually an auto on closer look. It was a Chinese gearless, batteryContinue reading “The great Indian Jugaad”