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The rains are here with a bang


Mumbaikars were screaming their throats out for some respite from the heat and looks like the Gods sure heard them loud and clear. The past week Mumbai has seen quite a few spells of heavy showers and today, Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 1915 too, the rains show no sign of abating. Yesterday in particular, was extremely heavy and traffic went bonkers. At times like these, policemen too can do little honestly but watch the traffic and the drivers slug it out in the automatic mode. Every driver seems to break any and every law with impunity and this only leads to extreme chaos and it was evident yesterday. Thankfully my car is out for repairs and even if not with a broken wrist there isn’t much driving that I could do. Forecasts too don’t look like a Sunday we could be spending out of home so sit back and enjoy at home. And yes once it begins to pour the first casualty is the Satellite TV so no entertainment either and today is an India Pakistan cricket match too. Let us hope for the best.

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A fight for life!

blackQuite a title for a post and the image too shows the frame of mind too. Right now, nothing else comes to mind. My Kaki, Pushpakaki is battling for survival since the past 9 days. She was admitted last Saturday with breathlessness and was then put on oxygen. On Friday, November 30th in the evening she was put on ventilator and is right now in the ICU. Her kidneys are considerably weak  given the fact that she had great difficulty in passing urine but now that problem is not so much as she has been able to fend it off. Her breathing problem however continues. Surely not easy it is for the immediate family and us the extended family. She has always been a very lively person and will always be indebted to her for her staying with us in the end of 1983 for a month when my parents were in the US for my Dad’s bypass surgery. She started calling me Peettan affectionately from then and would always chide me for my long talks on the phone with Parin at 9.30 every night.

Even when we met her after Diwali (18th November), she was so much full of vigour that she insisted we sit and talk and we had a gala time till maybe half past midnight. No one ever left the house hungry. She always ensured everyone was fed well and even at 10.30 in the night she would ensure some food went into everyone’s stomach. She told me on that day too that had I informed her in advance she would have made the Tomato Omelette Sandwich which I love. A cricket fan, she would watch matches and enjoy. Life dealt with her unfairly as my younger cousin brother passed away in a tragic accident and then my Kaka followed by my elder cousin who battled cancer. She stood there like a rock ensuring that everyone held their nerve in tough times like these. On 30th afternoon when we were there she made it a point to mention that an upcoming marriage in the house should go on as scheduled. Tears well in the eyes of all but all we can do is stand and watch as she battles for her life. May God do what is best for her. Honestly, it is difficult to see a loved one so much in pain.

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ICC World Cup 2011 Semifinal India defeats Pakistan

The semi final ended a short while ago between arch rivals India and Pakistan and ecstatic to say India has won. The match was of absolute significance as India and Pakistan rarely meet each other. This was touted as the mother of all matches and you bet it was. India entered the semi finals by beating the holders and 3 time world champions, Australia on Saturday and today was another tight match with Pakistan.

A lot of politics is involved when it comes to Indo Pak relations and this was the first time the two teams played each other after the dreaded 26/11 attack on Mumbai 3 years ago. The match started at 1430 and so most of us were out of office by 1400 and glued to the TV sets. I was planning to go to Matunga Gymkhana or Otters to watch it but then got home and sat glued in front of the TV.

The last two matches, I have followed very actively on Twitter and gosh the tension is palpable there. People praying, superstitious, whatever but it was fun since we won in the end. There are so much expletives flowing freely and I had to mask some of the retweets but all in all fantastic performance from the Indians.

Next step, aamchi Mumbai right at Wankhede stadium. We play Sri Lanka….. But then the final on Saturday for me assumes much lesser significance as we won today and that is what matters most. Cheers Team India. Thoroughly enjoyed the last game against the Aussies and today was the icing on the cake. Keep it up.

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India v/s South Africa ODI yesterday

Last night I witnessed one of the most spectacular ODIs one could ever have. India was outplayed when they batted for a paltry 190 and I was fuming, cursing and spewing out venom at the team as a whole (nothing unusual on my side nor the Indian cricket team) I was watching a movie on TV for most part with score board being followed in breaks. After the movie ended, I had nothing better to do and so decided to watch the match (or should I say decided to watch India lose with the sole intention of spewing out more venom on Monday morning at the office) But what a cliffhanger of a match it turned out. India won the match by a single run and hats off to M S Dhoni and the entire team for keeping their cool and most importantly for believing in themselves. Who would have thought they could defend such a small total and South Africa were cruising along. Hats off guys. I will surely be made to eat my words tomorrow at the office but no regrets. Loved the game. All the clichés that one can think of – Glorious uncertainties of the game of cricket, Catches win matches etc. can be applied en masse to this game. For a change I really really really enjoyed India defend such a paltry score.


Sachin Tendulkar – The God of Cricket

Last night Sachin scored his 50th test century which is an unparalleled feat in itself. The century came at a time when India were facing an uphill task to save the test match against South Africa. While I do wish we save the match, only the rain Gods can open their arms throughout the day for India to walk away with a draw. Coming back to the one and only, SRT and his feat, I doubt if anyone will have more than 20 straight years of cricket in him ever to equal this record and I am sure SRT will be revered in the annals of cricket. Social networks are abuzz showering praises for him and small wonder though. As an Indian, this is indeed a proud moment for each one of us.

Another important point about this great person is his humility. He is so popular yet so humble. These days cricketers make money endorsing any and everything under the blue sky but Sachin is different. Recently he refused to endorse a popular liquor brand even if the deal was as lucrative as it could get. Hats off to you Sachin.


Overdose of IPL T20 Cricket

The Indian Premiere League Season 3 is on and Indians being cricket crazy, the powers that be are milking the viewer ship dry. While the first half was interesting, the second half is a drag. Wish they would have just a single match between teams at the league stage and then jump to the semi finals and the final. But well so much moolah at stake so might as well milk it dry.


Sachin Tendulkar, an Indian, A legend….

Indians are a cricket obsessed nation and there is no proof needed for that but what separates India from the world for over a decade now is one man, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. You can google up and read more about him but believe me no one I mean no one can have enough of him. He just surpasses all possible records. On February 24, 2010, Sachin broke the previous world record for highest individual run scorer in an ODI and became the first to score double century in ODI. He scored 200 runs and broke the previous record of 194 runs jointly held by two others. I will not forget that day as we were in office and were glued to the screen as Sachin was giving a mauling of his life to the bowlers. Towards the end we got hold of a website which was streaming the video of the match and then as he neared the 194 mark, the link would not refresh probably thanks to the overload of hits as people I am sure were pounding on that link to make sure they would not miss history in the making. We asked all to stop surfing etc. so that we could conserve bandwidth and finally we got to see him reach the magical mark of 200 which was just a dream till then. That night all that people were talking about is Sachin’s batting prowess. Way to go man…. You rock SRT….. Hats off to you…..