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Missed Flight – Beggars can’t be choosers

Missed flight

This line has been used by me very often and have shortened it to BCBC. Today (January 17, 2014) I find myself in that spot honestly. Was to board the 1800 flight from Delhi to Mumbai and I was kinda over confident that the flight would be delayed considering the fog etc. The counters close 45 minutes before and I made it 41 minutes so missed the flight by 4 minutes or rather 240 seconds. So near yet so far. Ran helter skelter pleading with the powers that be (suddenly everyone for me became Sir and Madam). Last resort was to cough up a hefty sum and booked myself by the 2330 flight. This is when I told a fellow passenger who was in the same situation – Beggars can’t be choosers. Now I am sitting completely jobless here at Delhi T3 Terminal not knowing how to kill time. There is a glimmer of hope for me as I feel some dimwit like me will show up 4 minutes late for the 2030 or 2045 or 2100 flight and I will get to hop-in in his place. Hope Hope Hope….. And also hoping that someone else says BCBC…..

January 19, 2014 – The above post was written sitting idle at Delhi Airport. What eventually happened was that I met up with Senior from VJTI (Electrical), Kartikbhai and had an interesting discussion. Also met Prof. S Mantha who had taught us Theory of Machine (TOM) in the VII Semester at VJTI. So it was VJTI all the way at Delhi Airport.

Yes there were two people who did not show up (God bless them) and so Kartikbhai and me made it on to the 2030 flight which took off only at 2115 but no complaining. All’s well that ends well.

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Another shameful rape in Delhi, the rape capital of India

Stop Rape Now

Delhi has witnessed it yet again. A 5-year-old girl was most brutally raped and the manner in which the police treated the whole episode is disgusting. As a father of an 8+ -year-old girl, I am appalled. Can’t even imagine what the parents of the child would have undergone! And the poor little child, what was her fault to have undergone this brutal assault from a maniac? Honestly I will think 10 times before I have to visit Delhi now with my family. I always thought that it was the skewed sex ratio / female infanticide in the country especially in states surrounding Delhi was the root cause of this menace but it seems that this rapist was even married and to add insult to injury his wife is supporting him!!!! Gimme a break. As per the news papers, when the parents went to register a police complaint, the policemen asked him to thank God that his daughter was alive and even tried to hush up the case for Rs. 2000. Imagine that. Adding insult to a grievous injury!! Delhi police better get their act together. The administration too had better wake up. The capital of India now is the RAPE capital of India. One of the cartoonists rightly put it in the papers today that the name should be changed from Hindustan to Rapistan.

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Delhi – Abode of Rapists?

delhi_rape_1355724187_540x540A 23-year-old budding physiotherapist was gang raped in Delhi in a moving bus by 5 men. While reams have been written about the incident, I do not want to go into the gory details. As a father of a daughter, I am honestly petrified at what goes on in this country especially Delhi. There have been the innumerable politicians shooting their mouths off, cops doing the same. The cops went ahead and attacked peaceful protesters in Delhi. The powers that be went many steps ahead and put their feet in their mouths (India’s image at stake!! Who could have imagined such a wild excuse). Enough said. They airlifted the poor victim to Singapore saying they had better facilities there (baloney – India has some of the best brains and facilities in the world). The move to Singapore I feel was just to avoid any law and order problems in Delhi. Ultimately the victim breathed her last on Saturday morning after battling for 13 days. The body was brought back and cremated in utmost secrecy. I am not for allowing the media or for that matter the public intrude into the privacy of the bereaved family but the manner in which the whole airlifting and bring back the body smacked of a rudderless ship being captained by the powers that be. Folks wake up and smell the coffee! I am not getting into a debate for capital punishment or chemical castration or such. I just want some deterrents so that such a heinous crime is not repeated. Also do give a thought to the skewed sex ratio. Could be one of the reasons that men are going this way. And honestly politicians, grow up …. you just can’t stifle the voice of the masses. Learn to face the music.

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English Gaffe yet again – Phonetic this time

No offence meant but North Indians have their own way of pronouncing thus V is pronounced as B etc. People from East India also have their fair share of peculiar pronunciations and so do people from South India. I am sure they will come up saying people like us from Western India have our own styles. That would be true in my case I am sure. Now coming to my story about this post. The picture alongside was taken by me when walking in Delhi near our new office in Janakpuri. They want to actually publicise the fact that they can undertake chip level repairs and BGA level repairs but thanks to the accent, the word level becomes leBel and probably spell check made it Lable:-) BTW my cousin, Atul informs me that BGA means – Ball Grid Array : when a Display chip is found bad,you either change it or change the [ tiny balls grid ] in the defective one. But doing a BGA job is temporary, and the problem may crop up again.

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Connaught Place, New Delhi – A never ending work in progress

 I was in Delhi for the whole of last week and no trip to Delhi is complete without a visit to Connaught Place or CP as it is most popularly known as. CP was to be done up for the infamous Commonwealth Games in Delhi in 2010. It is another story that it never was done on time (similar to the fate of most of Delhi). What has bothered me during every trip of mine is that it is still not done and I think that even by the next Commonwealth Games it will not be done. A plethora of dirt, muck lying on the roads and people have to make way for themselves by traversing all of that. Gosh what an apology it is. Disgusting would be an understatement but honestly the “chalta hai” (anything goes) attitude that we Indians have is now killing us in every respect of life. We need to do something seriously now and it better be drastic else the powers that be are out to finish the common man…..

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Childhood memories of Delhi

Am in Delhi as I write this post. Yesterday I passed by the Red Fort in Old Delhi and saw that people still sell water in this age of bottled Bisleri, Kinley, Aquafina and the ilk. Not my point for this post.

I took this picture using the phone and was taken back in time some 37 years back in 1976 when I had come to Delhi as part of the school trip to Kashmir. It was a 21 day trip for a princely 500 Rs. or so!!! Covered Mathura, Agra, Delhi, Srinagar, Pathankot, Delhi again and back. All by train and by second class. I wonder how but then in those days ACs were a luxury and this was a school trip. Remember having met the then Prime Minister Mr. Morarji Desai and a group picture with him is something I still have. Had met Mr. Atal Bihari Vyajpayee who was then the Railway Minister. This water dispensing unit was there even then and it still exists. Water then was sold for 5 paise or maybe 10 paise and now it is a Rupee as mentioned. Remember Delhi was sweltering even then (maybe lesser than now) and at night we had gone to watch a movie, Chacha Bhatija starring Randhir Kapoor & Dharmendra at some Air Conditioned theatre in CP area.

Delhi hasn’t changed much should I say?

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Delhi Disparity

Yesterday evening, as I stepped out of the swanky Delhi Airport Express station at New Delhi station, the disparity in life styles was so evident. The Airport Express is a state of the art metro connecting Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3 (T3) to the city center in a travel time of just under 25 minutes. Everything is spic and span there and when you step out you are greeted by Delhi at the New Delhi Railway Station. The best of it was a row of phone booths operating from cycle rickshaws. (BTW the photograph was downloaded from here) Amazing. India is one of the lowest priced telephone markets in the world and with a high tele density. Hats off to the telecom marketing gurus for coming up with such an idea as that is also providing employment to the challenged. However I still wonder what margins the booth owners would be making considering the call rates now are down to such lows…. But well this in India.