Diwali Holidays – Ending with movies

We had four days of holidays for Diwali (an extra day thrown in on Monday). No I did not end up going to the theatres to watch Golmaal 3 or Action Replay since reviews were nothing to write home about. In any case after having watched 2 back to back movies (Anjaana Anjaani and JoothaContinue reading “Diwali Holidays – Ending with movies”

Cracker free Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, is just round the corner and yesterday I was telling Kavya about how children were being forced to work in those factories in Sivakasi in inhuman conditions. Also told her about how the smoke causes problems to the birds and the plants. This was done last year too and sheContinue reading “Cracker free Diwali”

Diwali Party at Matunga Gymkhana

Yesterday, October 16, 2009 was Diwali eve and they had a get together at Matunga Gymkhana. I had invited Harshad, Rakhi, Kshitij, Rupal, Premal, Dheer and Dhruvit too. While the kids had a good time with the various games / activities the food was a clear disaster as by the time we got there (2045)Continue reading “Diwali Party at Matunga Gymkhana”