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Why This Kolaveri Di?

No this post has got absolutely nothing to do with the hit song but the meaning of these words are “Why do you have this murderous rage against me?” I have in the past blogged about this Indian fetish for the male child so much so that they even want to abort a girl. What started me off today was this horrible news item on TV about a two-year old battling for life at AIIMS, New Delhi with human bite marks and severely beaten including head being smashed. No points for guessing that she is a girl child. Why this rage? All of us are born thanks to our mother so what sense does it make? And for all those male chauvinist pigs out there, please be reminded that your wife doesn’t have the Y chromosome needed to bring in a male child. It is YOU, the male. Then why blame the mother for a girl? Socially we need more education on this….

  • Why do we always portray a villainous mother in law plotting against her daughter in law who is pregnant / has delivered a girl? (Ekta Kapoor and the ilk I hope you all are listening. Your TV soaps can help educate the masses).
  • Why do we always say Beti to paraya dhan hoti hai? Why o why? Why can’t your daughter be the torch-bearer of your next generation? Why do you think that only a male child will grow the family tree? Would you disown your princess once she is married? She may or may not change her second name but does that stop her from being your daughter? Does that stop her children from being your grand children? And tell me and I am putting it in the crudest form – beta hoke bhi, kya ukhaad lega woh? Jo beti nahin ukhad sakti?
  • Why do we see girls as a Boj (burden) on the parents? She is not. What is the guarantee that the boy will not be? Why do you want to avoid educating your girl? Just because of her being a girl? Shame on you. Of course those who are reading this are surely well-educated and I am sincerely hoping you are atleast not thinking like this.

Honestly too many questions come to mind but what hurts me the most is this 2-year-old girl who has battered and bruised by maybe her own parent/s who did not want a girl child? Who knows? My heart goes out to her and I just hope that the guilty are punished so that such instances never occur.

Proud Father of Kavya  


Edubuntu it is…..

Edubuntu is the educational flavour of Ubuntu and it is simply too good as a teaching aid to teach children. Kavya has an upcoming maths assessment and as a part of that she is expected to know tables of 2, 5 and 10 randomly. Came across this wonderful option, Tux Math in Edubuntu in which you can select the  tables and randomly questions will fall like the space missiles or whatever. You punch in the correct answer and hit enter and it goes and destroys the falling missile. The level keeps going up and it is fun to play. Kavya could complete the task and at the end was so excited by “Congratulations. You Win”. Then I would ask her “You want to play again?” Obviously the answer was a Yes and so changed the number and got her to solve the tables. All in all it was a game she was playing while she was studying….. Another reason for cheering Ubuntu and Edubuntu.

Lack of Education in India – a malaise

Today (July 5, 2010) has been declared as the Bandh in Mumbai as in other parts of India. Taxis were not plying or rather were scanty so I was forced to drive down to the airport for the flight to Delhi and took along Sanjay who served me as a chauffeur for 2 or 3 months in 2009 to get the car back. Sanjay is a 21 year old boy and doubles up as our building watchman at night. He looks like a kid just out of school or junior college but is married (just as the whole of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar probably are). His Father is almost 80 and he is the 7th of 9 children. His younger brother also does the same thing ie chauffeuring as a profession and doubling up as a watchman. Sanjay is married already and this morning I discovered that he already has a son who is a year old. I was shocked. Education of any sort is just not there in rural India. Sanjay is a dependable guy but has not even completed his 10th. I asked him what his wife does and he said she is at home sewing clothes or mending them…. She does not want to study. I told him that without studying she can’t come to a city to which he said she is not interested in moving to the city. How I wish I could drill it into his head that for the sake of their child, they move to the city and educate the little boy. Else we will have another generation of the same kind. Seriously someone needs to take the cudgels to educate the rural population. We are already #2 in the world population and at this rate we will be #1. Thanks to this illiteracy, they elect politicians who milk them dry. Thanks to this illiteracy, they still believe in having a male child, in dowry, in menial jobs, the list goes on and on and never ends as it has been on for generations. We need to do something for sure.


Education – a fundamental right?

The Government is crying itself hoarse over the right to education as the fundamental right etc. I remember in the lane perpendicular to where I live were three schools viz., The Hindi School (don’t even know it’s name), then the Municipal School and then at the end of the lane just before West View is Premier School. As I was strolling down yesterday from the market, I realized that the Municipal School has vanished and in place of it is a swanky Apartment coming up!!! That school used to be for students who could not afford basic education and was in a dilapidated building but still classes were held. Now those children and so many of the future generation have lost the opportunity to learn thanks to the greed of some unholy nexus between the powerful and wealthy builder lobby with the powers that be. So much for the Government’s claims about education being the fundamental right etc.