Edubuntu it is…..

Edubuntu is the educational flavour of Ubuntu and it is simply too good as a teaching aid to teach children. Kavya has an upcoming maths assessment and as a part of that she is expected to know tables of 2, 5 and 10 randomly. Came across this wonderful option, Tux Math in Edubuntu in whichContinue reading “Edubuntu it is…..”

Lack of Education in India – a malaise

Today (July 5, 2010) has been declared as the Bandh in Mumbai as in other parts of India. Taxis were not plying or rather were scanty so I was forced to drive down to the airport for the flight to Delhi and took along Sanjay who served me as a chauffeur for 2 or 3Continue reading “Lack of Education in India – a malaise”

Education – a fundamental right?

The Government is crying itself hoarse over the right to education as the fundamental right etc. I remember in the lane perpendicular to where I live were three schools viz., The Hindi School (don’t even know it’s name), then the Municipal School and then at the end of the lane just before West View isContinue reading “Education – a fundamental right?”