The stark reality of the word realty

I find that people often interchange the words, reality and realty. Both these words have a completely different meaning. Reality means the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. It is pronounced /rɪˈalɪti/. Realty means property in the form of land or buildings. It is pronouncedContinue reading “The stark reality of the word realty”

English Gaffes found during trip to Kashmir

These are pictures I took during the trip to Kashmir in Summer, 2014. The first one was taken on the drive from Katra to Srinagar. While Ladies is fine, what is Jinds? Some 4th sex?? Supreme court should regularise this one too. The second picture was taken in Pahalgam market. Pastre??? Paties??? I sincerely hopeContinue reading “English Gaffes found during trip to Kashmir”

Powerful dialogue from The Amazing Spiderman 2

I haven’t watched the movie but someone sent me a mail on what he took away from the movie. And believe me I was floored too. Very very profound. According to the mail I received, one of the characters after graduation made this speech: “I know that we all think we’re immortal, we’re supposed to feelContinue reading “Powerful dialogue from The Amazing Spiderman 2”

What’s your passion?

Last night I attended the Tech Day of our Association, ASIRT. This is a monthly affair and we have some one or the other as a guest speaker speaking on soft skills or any other topic which is not directly connected with business. Yesterday was different. We had two speakers from our own fraternity whoContinue reading “What’s your passion?”

It is potable and not portable water…..

This morning (December 28, 2013) I came across this headline in the Business Standard which stood out like a sore thumb. Portable water???? Gimme a break will ya? Potable water means water that is fit or suitable for drinking. The word portable means carried or moved with ease. So get a life proof readers. Spell checkContinue reading “It is potable and not portable water…..”

Grateful and not greatful

Saturday morning and it is time for me explain to Kavya some of her concepts through the worksheets. Today she was doing a crossword puzzle and one of the words to be used was grateful which she spelt as greatful. While I corrected her, she asked me why it wasn’t the other way. As usualContinue reading “Grateful and not greatful”

Another English gaffe

Recently I realised that people mix the words facilitate with felicitate with the former being used oftener. The meaning changes completely…. Facilitate is to make some thing easier such as “I did this so as to facilitate that action….” Felicitate is to honour or congratulate such as “The XYZ felicitated him at the 23rd Meeting….”