Sweet Nothings

As part of the new curriculum “Pathways” at Toastmasters, I was to deliver a speech which I did in June of 2018. Based on the feedback from my evaluator, I had to modify the speech and present it again, which I did on August 11, 2018. Here is the transcript of the same. Towards theContinue reading “Sweet Nothings”

Yes I am a diabetic!!!

My close friends and family know I am a Type 2 diabetic but I am now coming out in the open with the admission. Last Tuesday, I went for my blood test after 18 months. I was in for a rude shock as the values were the worst ever in my diabetic life of overContinue reading “Yes I am a diabetic!!!”

Excuses for not exercising

For someone who is challenged, when it comes to the girth, excuses come most easily for not exercising. Every Wednesday and Saturday morning, I go for Iyengar yoga and my teacher will vouch for me being most regularly irregular. Why? Sometimes I am travelling so can’t avoid that (but that shouldn’t stop me from doingContinue reading “Excuses for not exercising”

Stair Climbing

These days I am reading (yes finally am trying to get back to reading) The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, the editor of Success magazine. He has talked about small, insignificant yet incremental changes to the daily lifestyle for the better. I thought about some changes I could make to my lifestyle which is highlyContinue reading “Stair Climbing”

Can’t keep weight off….

I am rotund and obese and I have no qualms about admitting that (not that if I don’t it will make me any thinner unless if the other person is completely blind). Have not really tried any weight loss tricks (despite being a practising dietitian and weight loss expert’s brother). Thanks to my sister who keeps lecturingContinue reading “Can’t keep weight off….”

Disastrous beginning to 2011 – No exercise

3 days into the new year and I have not even woken up in the morning to exercise. Shame on me. I planned to walk in the mornings but sleep always got better of me these past 3 days. Need to get back to Robin Sharma on that. 5 AM alarm has been shamelessly switchedContinue reading “Disastrous beginning to 2011 – No exercise”