Italian Grand Prix 2009

Sunday we had the Formula 1 race at Monza (the Italian Grand Prix). Force India’s Adrian Sutil was 2nd at the start which was amazing considering he never was a force to reckon with in the top 10 so far. Eventually he came 4th thanks to a horrendous pit stop which probably cost him the podium finish. But even 4th is very good. His partner Luizzi had a terrible day as his car stalled due to a mechanical failure as he was coming out of the first pit stop. The icing on the cake was Fisichella who left Force India and joined Ferrari. He ended up coming 9th in Italy. Imagine an Italian driver driving an Italian car at the Italian GP and coming 9th. He sure must be rueing his chances…. Who knows with Fisichella perhaps Force India could have had another podium finish.


Fisichella on the move

After all Giancarlo Fisichella is moving from Force India to Ferrari. According to the media reports, Vijay Mallya has said that there was no exchange of money for permitting this transfer but come on Mallya, gimme a break. You expect me to believe a businessman like you did not encash on this opportunity? I surely can’t digest this.

Fisichella finally does Force India proud

Giancarlo Fisichella came second in the F1 Grand Prix in Belgium this evening much to the joy of Vijay Mallya and Indians at large. We (Including moi) had all questioned Mallya’s wisdom in pumping in so much money into a bleeding business but today was Mallya’s day honestly. The margin of the first and second place was a whisker (0.9 seconds) and Ferrari had a tough time warding off a speeding Fisichella all the time breathing down their neck. All in all an exciting race to watch and I just loved the whole of it.

Adrian Sutil & Force India Hopes today

In about 30 minutes, the German Formula 1 Grand Prix will kick off at Nürburgring. This time it is unique for us as a Force India driver, Adrian Sutil is 7th and if he can maintain his position or even if he is 8th he gets a point atleast. However anything beyond that would be a waste. So far, the team has not scored a single point in its career as Force India so here’s hoping for all Indians that we can make a breakthrough…. And also for the team owner Vijay Mallys who has always been Haath aaya par moonh na laga:-)