Happy Explosion

I have loved this blog http://www.happsters.com and enjoy their weekly posts. This weekend, the post has been all about spreading as much happiness as possible. So what is my target for the coming week? Kavya is heading for a holiday for the first time all by herself. While she is extra excited about going with her friends (and gettingContinue reading “Happy Explosion”

A year of cycling

Just realised that I have completed a year of cycling. No I haven’t lost weight for sure – contrary to that, I may have added some:-) But we will leave that for later on. I use an application on my phone – mapmyride which helps me know what is the distance traversed and in whatContinue reading “A year of cycling”

Possible to condense life lessons in an hour?

  Last night, my friend Nitin Sheth posted this image on Facebook and the question posed was intriguing indeed. For me the answer was a no brainer as I would want to have that conversation with Kavya. Complete peace and tranquility around, no cell phone ringing (or checking mail or Facebook or Twitter or such),Continue reading “Possible to condense life lessons in an hour?”

@Airtel_Presence – Disastrous social media strategy if at all!!

I have had terrible experiences with Airtel’s twitter / Facebook handling of customer complaints and now as we port out of Airtel mobile connections, I wanted to just vent out my irritation. Honestly they are champions at how to drive customers up the wall. At the outset, I admit, I have no problems with theirContinue reading “@Airtel_Presence – Disastrous social media strategy if at all!!”

Aging process and becoming an Uncle

Yesterday I wrote a mail to my friend’s daughter who recently began her blog on some “gyaan”. I felt funny. Here I am advising a teenager on tips on writing her blog and the dos and don’ts!!! Age has caught up:-) Am I now an Uncle???? I have also been on Facebook with my friends’Continue reading “Aging process and becoming an Uncle”