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Happy Explosion

I have loved this blog and enjoy their weekly posts. This weekend, the post has been all about spreading as much happiness as possible. So what is my target for the coming week? Kavya is heading for a holiday for the first time all by herself. While she is extra excited about going with her friends (and getting a break from pesky parents), Pauravi is very very edgy and is most worried as any other Mom. Her life revolves around Kavya so to let her out of sight for a week is a big big sacrifice, I can sense that. My mission for the forthcoming week is not to get into the usual argumentative mood that I usually am in and instead teach her basics of using the computer, email and Facebook and mobile phone including Whatsapp:-). And remain calm when teaching her! Strange as it may seem, she is eons away from technology even as I am glued to it. Now Kavya too is getting into it as part of her school curriculum and even without the school she uses the tablets and smart phones with aplomb. So it is only imperative to have Pauravi join the technological bandwagon. Hope to see a happier wifey next week:-)


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A year of cycling

Obese cyclingJust realised that I have completed a year of cycling. No I haven’t lost weight for sure – contrary to that, I may have added some:-) But we will leave that for later on.

I use an application on my phone – mapmyride which helps me know what is the distance traversed and in what time etc. So according to that I did 530.7 kms last year and 255.94 kms so far in 2014 so 786.6 kms in 46 workouts. Which means that of the 365 days I went only for 46 days ie 12.6% of the days. Speaks volumes about the need to be motivated to cycle regularly.

As part of the urge to get motivated, I found this blog which does a damn good job of posting images that keep you going. Their week-end mail acts a catalyst. I particularly loved this post which got me going today. I ended up cycling 30.99 kms! So from Friday, I have completed 70 kms already and have 2 more days to achieve my goal of 100+ kilometres in the week.

Another motivating factor is riding in a group. I have always been riding alone but yesterday, I rode as part of a group. First found an ally in Kairav who is almost my age and we are from the same school so we got connected on Facebook. Last week I saw him at 5 gardens and waved at him and then chatted on Facebook. We decided to get together yesterday as he is part of the Chembur Cycling Club who were riding to Sewree mudflats to see the migratory flamingoes there. We pedaled along the BPT Toll road to BPCL and believe me that road was amazing. You had salt pans, mangroves and very little traffic so thoroughly enjoyed. Joined the cyclists there and we pedaled all the way to the Jetty to see some flamingoes. On our way out we decided along with another friend, Nimish to cycle today also and so was up at 0500 to start at 0600 (the barking dogs on the roads be damned – Suddenly I became brave:-) ) Ended up cycling to Worli Seaface and then at 5 gardens, Nimish and me decided to pedal to Bhakti Park and via Sion I returned home.

Last but not the least, after a year of cycling I realised that all along I was riding in the wrong gear in the front wheel:-) Thanks to Nimish and another rider who sounded me off, I corrected the gear and now am able to cycle better maybe. Enjoying the journey even more now. Hope to achieve my goal of 100+ kms this week and go for a long ride on Sunday with the group and the new found friends.

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Possible to condense life lessons in an hour?



Last night, my friend Nitin Sheth posted this image on Facebook and the question posed was intriguing indeed.

For me the answer was a no brainer as I would want to have that conversation with Kavya. Complete peace and tranquility around, no cell phone ringing (or checking mail or Facebook or Twitter or such), no tablet even though I am writing this on my tablet:-)

Father Daughter

What would I want to tell her?
  • Pursue YOUR dreams and not what we as parents or anyone else want you to do
  • Never give up in anything you pursue. Life will have stumbling blocks but you need to get up, dust yourself and move on
  • Don’t neglect education. You will always be learning in the journey of life but formal education helps you understand these lessons.
  • Your life partner will be your partner for life so think before you agree whether we are there or not
  • Select your friends carefully. They are your lifeline for the future
  • Never neglect your health.
  • Material possessions are as the name suggests material. You came in empty-handed and you will leave that way. But make a difference however insignificant you may think it is. Remember “To the world, you maybe one person but to one person you may be the world.”
  • Wherever I am, I will always love you.
The list goes on….
So many things to tell her and all of it in just one hour? This post sure stirs something deep. Time for both father and daughter to step out leaving all other means of communication behind and just have a heart to heart talk.
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@Airtel_Presence – Disastrous social media strategy if at all!!

airtel-twitterI have had terrible experiences with Airtel’s twitter / Facebook handling of customer complaints and now as we port out of Airtel mobile connections, I wanted to just vent out my irritation. Honestly they are champions at how to drive customers up the wall.

At the outset, I admit, I have no problems with their mobile phone services. Good coverage, good service but when it comes to serving the customer, they take the cake complete with the mould and maybe the oven too.

We have multiple mobile connections in office in CUG so it was only logical to ask for a consolidated bill. I started my rant on twitter with a simple tweet. They have this knack of posting stock replies ” We will get back to you. Regret the inconvenience …..” blah blah. Then someone will call you up (if you are lucky in 2 or 3 days) and ask you for the entire story afresh which is there on twitter already. Fine I needed a consolidated bill. The lady had the audacity to send me 12 bills in a zip file! I lost my cool and wrote back – Don’t you understand the meaning of the word “consolidated”. They had the gall to call me and explain to me what consolidated meant. I lost it. Wrote back a nasty mail and I guess people jumped and so we started to get consolidated bills.

Last month I discovered to my dismay that we were being surreptitiously charged for CUG calls and don’t know for how many months. Tweeted. Same stock replies. Tweets going back and forth. Finally DMed my number to them on twitter and lo and behold I get a call from the Broadband department. That was the icing on the cake. The die was cast and decided to port out. I also had called up the agent who was involved in getting us with Airtel and he had asked me to text him our account # which I had immediately done. When I submitted the porting out request, I got a call from him asking for the account number yet again saying the text was deleted *BY MISTAKE*.

The parting kick still remains. They rejected the port out saying unpaid bills. Now who in the blazes wouldn’t pay the bill? We have always been punctual in payments yet. Tweets start and they expect me to go through the whole ram kahani again. Same stock replies “Regret the inconvenience, Sorry for the delay in getting back, we shall call you back tomorrow …. ” the works. All that the text-book said has been pasted. But where is the call? I am still awaiting that. And when I had the consolidation issue, they had even given me the excuse that we tried to call you but you number wasn’t reachable. Brilliant. They can’t reach their own network # then how will others reach me? Speaks volumes of the inefficiency.

Grow up Airtel. Your customer services are the worst I would say even more than the previous operator we were under. At this rate you yourself are ensuring your customers run away. A customer comes to twitter and / or facebook for getting his complaint resolved expeditiously but you want to ensure he goes round in circles till he loses his cool. I have lost it completely. Don’t know if I will ever renew my DTH connection with you. And for those wondering, I did put it up on Airtel’s facebook page too and friends commented on it as well. Airtel went ahead and posted their stock replies to each one of them. Check this link out.

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Aging process and becoming an Uncle

Yesterday I wrote a mail to my friend’s daughter who recently began her blog on some “gyaan”. I felt funny. Here I am advising a teenager on tips on writing her blog and the dos and don’ts!!! Age has caught up:-) Am I now an Uncle????

I have also been on Facebook with my friends’ kids, my nieces, nephews and trying to occasionally pep talk them or then sometimes going over board in my reactions (I think in their parlance I get hyper). Yes I will have to accept it that I am now bordering on the Uncle category (It is tough to accept it). I hope one of my Seniors is reading this (and he knows I am talking about him).