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Random Thoughts mid air

random thoughtsThese are random thoughts that I penned down mid-air so pardon the incoherence in my mind. As it is I am challenged there:-)

My journey to the USA has always had some kind of a twist. When I went in 2010, my mother in law was in hospital but at that time I was going alone. This time the three of us were traveling and dates were known to us well in advance but not announced. My father in law was to be operated for his spinal problems but somehow or the other it kept on getting postponed and finally it happened only on April 20th when we were leaving on 25th. We did leave but not without wifey getting extremely tense and continues to remain tense.

The day of the journey, 25th was a day to remember. We were booked by the 1515 flight to Dubai and from there we had to take the 2215 flight to Atlanta. So we were set to leave around noon. Just as the baggage was being loaded, some sixth sense told me to check the web site for timings. Thank God I did. The Dubai – Atlanta leg of our flight was delayed by over 14 hours which would have meant we would have had to sit idle for 20 hours as we had a 5 + hour lay over in Dubai. Called up the Delta call centre and spoke to them. They too weren’t aware of the delay as she said the flight is showing as scheduled when a simple Google search told me that it was delayed. Finally reality dawned upon them too and they agreed to reschedule us. Put us on the 0220 Air France to Paris and then after a 2 hour 40 minute lay over we were to head to Atlanta. Things worked out well and I am writing from the Paris Atlanta sector right now. Unfortunately they do not have a plug point to charge my lap top. All they have is a USB so will have to switch over to the iPad in case I run dry.

What have I done? Watched some TV shows. Watched a movie called Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya which was recommended by Kavya too. Honestly she was watching it and I was only aping her. Slept. Black coffee. We are about 4 hours 30 minutes away from Atlanta says the online map. We have completed the trans atlantic leg almost and will soon enter Canada and from there head south to Atlanta.

Listening to some remix music. Currently listening to Hare Rama Hare Krishna (not the movie) but the chanting of the Lord in remix format. I wonder if any other religion would have the tolerant nature to admit that we could listen to remixes of God’s songs. Sometimes I feel like Hindus are the most tolerant lot but let me not get into that.

The new Airport at Mumbai was impressive thought Kavya. She was over awed by the brand stores at the airport in Paris but Mumbai Airport was far better she felt. I think I would agree with her.

Just heard yet another remix of my favourite, Yeh Vaada Raha which happens to be the title track of the movie. I always loved that movie and it’s soundtrack composed by none other than my favourite, Panchamda. I thought the movie and the soundtrack were both a hit but got to know only later that the movie didn’t do too well and so the soundtrack too suffered. What a tragedy!! Remixes have brought some songs back to life but honestly the original sound track is so so good. My other favourite was Harjaaee again composed by Panchamda. Some awesome soundtrack that was too. Don’t know how that movie did in reality. Panchamda produced phenomenal music but maybe the generation did not understand the brilliance then. I now realise it after so many years. We have indeed lost a great composer.

Children grow up so soon. Kavya went for some haircut which included some really stupid hair style “Flicks” which I find ridiculous. Tells me “Papa, you don’t understand girl stuff and you don’t have an idea about fashion” No choice but to agree. Daughters really know how to handle Dads and make them accept any and everything.

Wow…. Music these days make your feel so much out-of-place…. Finally found something I know in the Live Concert clips. Opening song is Scorpions’ Rock you like a Hurricane. But the doubting Thomas in me has the gall to think, is he singing really or is it lip syncing? These days you never know what is possible and what isn’t. Even the guitar pieces could be orchestrated with the stage mic switched off? Who knows? Do they have LIVE as in really LIVE concerts? I wonder. But for now let me enjoy Scorpions.

While I knew the Scorpions, there was another artiste I knew Tina Turner but the song was unknown. Must give it to her that even at this age she can show her energy on stage. She is a grandmother.

Now Cyndi Lauper – She looks so different now. Normal hair!!! No colours on her hair which is a record of sorts. Though her eye shadow et al are in a multitude of colours.

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From childhood to adulthood, wither innocence?


March 14, 2014 – I am on my way from Delhi to Mumbai as I write this post. When we were just pushing back and moving to the runway, we heard this child bawling away. I wondered what must be paining or scaring the little one. Once we were air-borne, she (I am presuming a girl) stopped crying. Reminded me of Kavya’s first flight when she was just 8 months old. It was a Jet Airways flight that was scheduled for 0530 for Udaipur. As parents we were so scared of how she would react firstly at being woken up at an unearthly hour and we were dreading the flight. But we were proven so wrong. She was very happy at being woken up (can’t say that now though) and she was at her charming best inflight. So much so that she was handled by the air hostesses most of the time. But well children can react differently on flights.


I then had the privilege of interacting of another girl, Tanvi in the row ahead of mine. She was so cute and reminded me of Kavya at that age. Must be 3 years of age but was very talkative and discussed everything from TV channels and shows to movies. How her father flipped channels (like I do much, to Kavya’s irritation). I let her doodle on the iPad and she was all smiles. An innocent smile honestly is better than the millions of plastic smiles we see.


I wonder as children, we are so innocent but why do we as adults live such complicated lives? How I wish we could get back that innocence and never grow up? Possible? I hope some day.


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Missed Flight – Beggars can’t be choosers

Missed flight

This line has been used by me very often and have shortened it to BCBC. Today (January 17, 2014) I find myself in that spot honestly. Was to board the 1800 flight from Delhi to Mumbai and I was kinda over confident that the flight would be delayed considering the fog etc. The counters close 45 minutes before and I made it 41 minutes so missed the flight by 4 minutes or rather 240 seconds. So near yet so far. Ran helter skelter pleading with the powers that be (suddenly everyone for me became Sir and Madam). Last resort was to cough up a hefty sum and booked myself by the 2330 flight. This is when I told a fellow passenger who was in the same situation – Beggars can’t be choosers. Now I am sitting completely jobless here at Delhi T3 Terminal not knowing how to kill time. There is a glimmer of hope for me as I feel some dimwit like me will show up 4 minutes late for the 2030 or 2045 or 2100 flight and I will get to hop-in in his place. Hope Hope Hope….. And also hoping that someone else says BCBC…..

January 19, 2014 – The above post was written sitting idle at Delhi Airport. What eventually happened was that I met up with Senior from VJTI (Electrical), Kartikbhai and had an interesting discussion. Also met Prof. S Mantha who had taught us Theory of Machine (TOM) in the VII Semester at VJTI. So it was VJTI all the way at Delhi Airport.

Yes there were two people who did not show up (God bless them) and so Kartikbhai and me made it on to the 2030 flight which took off only at 2115 but no complaining. All’s well that ends well.

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Insomnia after a flight


I have this very funny disorder if I may say so. Post landing I just can’t sleep. It gets miserable every time and if at all you have a busy next day, you have had it. And by flights I don’t mean those long haul transcontinental flights crossing time zones or such. Even a simple 75 minute flight from Bangalore to Mumbai will give me that effect. Last night I reached home by 2245 from Delhi but was up until 0200. No it wasn’t mindless TV watching but I was working. Honestly, I forced myself to get up at 2 am from the computer and get into bed. That is another story that I was then twiddling with the phone trying to read news etc. Don’t know then when I fell asleep. But as a result I woke up straight around 0900 and missed Yoga much to add to the guilt. Any clues on overcoming this or even reducing it someway? It is irritating honestly.

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Dreadful early morning flight

This morning I was booked by the 0515 flight to Hyderabad. Gosh what a mistake it was to have booked myself by such an early flight!!! Firstly I asked for Meru to pick me up at 0345 just so that even a slight delay or a no-show (yes that is possible with Meru these days) should put me there by 0415 else I was in deep trouble. Yesterday I lazed in the afternoon instead of swimming and in the process dozed off too. Hence it was difficult to sleep by 2200!!! Finally slept around 2330 with one alarm set to go off at 0240 and the other at 0245 just to ensure I wake up. Ooooof I did wake up and was ready by 0345 complete with my bath but the cab had not shown up despite receiving a message with the taxi #. Called him up and I think I woke him up from deep slumber. He came at 0400 by which time my heart beats had gone up. Made it to the airport by 0415 thankfully but the airport was full of people at that unearthly hour!!! Wow! I thought it would be a cakewalk but nope…. quite a few people. The flight took off ahead of schedule and touched down at 0619 even if the schedule arrival time was 0645!!! Do they manufacture time???? Absolutely sleepy was I but then made it through the day. Never again this early flight. Better off with a flight the previous night…. atleast can sleep in peace.