Kindness is not dead… Not as yet…

Yesterday evening, my colleague’s phone rang and since he wasn’t around I looked at it. The caller’s name read “Delhi Train Ticket”. I was intrigued at such a weird name. After he finished the call, I asked him what it was all about as this was indeed a very strange name for him to store.Continue reading “Kindness is not dead… Not as yet…”

2 years without coffee and counting….

March 17, 2016, was the day I quit coffee completely. Why? I was a caffeine addict and I am serious about the word, addict. Morning and afternoon was my dose when I started, but then as luck would have had it, early morning, breakfast, mid-morning, afternoon, late afternoon and during the evening I would be consumingContinue reading “2 years without coffee and counting….”

Remembering a friend who moved on……

This evening I was suddenly in rewind mode and remembered a friend, Rashmin Parekh who passed away sometimes in 1999 or 2000. We were surely not the bum chums kind of friends but we were good friends. We had a chance meeting at the Biology practical classes at Ramachandra’s classes way back in 1985 whenContinue reading “Remembering a friend who moved on……”

Penfriends – where are they?

Just this morning read an interesting article in The Lounge ( which talked about stamp collection (philately) and how the hobby is now completely passe. Yes I don’t add any more stamps to my collection but spent a bomb in South Africa and Venice buying first day covers and mint stamps… Wondering of how penContinue reading “Penfriends – where are they?”