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Another shameful rape in Delhi, the rape capital of India

Stop Rape Now

Delhi has witnessed it yet again. A 5-year-old girl was most brutally raped and the manner in which the police treated the whole episode is disgusting. As a father of an 8+ -year-old girl, I am appalled. Can’t even imagine what the parents of the child would have undergone! And the poor little child, what was her fault to have undergone this brutal assault from a maniac? Honestly I will think 10 times before I have to visit Delhi now with my family. I always thought that it was the skewed sex ratio / female infanticide in the country especially in states surrounding Delhi was the root cause of this menace but it seems that this rapist was even married and to add insult to injury his wife is supporting him!!!! Gimme a break. As per the news papers, when the parents went to register a police complaint, the policemen asked him to thank God that his daughter was alive and even tried to hush up the case for Rs. 2000. Imagine that. Adding insult to a grievous injury!! Delhi police better get their act together. The administration too had better wake up. The capital of India now is the RAPE capital of India. One of the cartoonists rightly put it in the papers today that the name should be changed from Hindustan to Rapistan.

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Satyamev Jayate

This is the name of a popular TV show hosted by Aamir Khan which kicked up a storm of sorts right from Day 1. Oh before I start off, the words means Only the truth prevails. Aamir Khan is known for his eye for the minutest detail and it showed in the very first episode. I did not watch it on that appointed hour (was peacefully dozing) but had set it for recording (which now is the entire series) and so can watch it without the unnecessary commercial breaks. Distinctly remember that when I woke up around lunch time that Sunday, the first thing I did was check twitter from my phone and it was as if the world had nothing else to discuss. Sat down to watch the show which was on female foeticide about which I have blogged in my own way. I had always believed that it is the illiterate in India who are killing the girls for the boys. But I was taken aback when that myth was busted on the show. All of us at the Dining table were dumb founded that afternoon. The only regret I will have is why he did not highlight the cause of adoption? Would have given the public at large another idea to look at as well.

I have yet to watch the controversial episode on the Doctors in which they had highlighted the rampant malpractices in the field of medicine. Doctors and their associations have not taken kindly to the whole episode (who would like to kill the goose that gives the golden egg?) and have gone to the extent of demanding an apology which obviously Aamir has refused.

I don’t know if the tempo continues as the last episode on the marriages I thought was a dampener of sorts but the causes that he has picked up so far are common and are rampant too. So just hope he can make a difference of sorts. Wish you good luck Aamir.

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Why This Kolaveri Di?

No this post has got absolutely nothing to do with the hit song but the meaning of these words are “Why do you have this murderous rage against me?” I have in the past blogged about this Indian fetish for the male child so much so that they even want to abort a girl. What started me off today was this horrible news item on TV about a two-year old battling for life at AIIMS, New Delhi with human bite marks and severely beaten including head being smashed. No points for guessing that she is a girl child. Why this rage? All of us are born thanks to our mother so what sense does it make? And for all those male chauvinist pigs out there, please be reminded that your wife doesn’t have the Y chromosome needed to bring in a male child. It is YOU, the male. Then why blame the mother for a girl? Socially we need more education on this….

  • Why do we always portray a villainous mother in law plotting against her daughter in law who is pregnant / has delivered a girl? (Ekta Kapoor and the ilk I hope you all are listening. Your TV soaps can help educate the masses).
  • Why do we always say Beti to paraya dhan hoti hai? Why o why? Why can’t your daughter be the torch-bearer of your next generation? Why do you think that only a male child will grow the family tree? Would you disown your princess once she is married? She may or may not change her second name but does that stop her from being your daughter? Does that stop her children from being your grand children? And tell me and I am putting it in the crudest form – beta hoke bhi, kya ukhaad lega woh? Jo beti nahin ukhad sakti?
  • Why do we see girls as a Boj (burden) on the parents? She is not. What is the guarantee that the boy will not be? Why do you want to avoid educating your girl? Just because of her being a girl? Shame on you. Of course those who are reading this are surely well-educated and I am sincerely hoping you are atleast not thinking like this.

Honestly too many questions come to mind but what hurts me the most is this 2-year-old girl who has battered and bruised by maybe her own parent/s who did not want a girl child? Who knows? My heart goes out to her and I just hope that the guilty are punished so that such instances never occur.

Proud Father of Kavya  


The girl child sacrificed yet again?

This morning’s Times of India carried a front page news item about how women were now travelling to Thailand for sex determination tests just to have a male child. The arguments offered by some of the would be parents were ludicrous.

I seriously am appalled not because I have a daughter whom I adore even more because she is girl but for the fact that when will we Indians ever learn to think rationally? I have blogged in the past too on this subject but this time I feel all the more as the women in question do not want their own gender to come to life!!!

There is no such thing as this “vansh” (legacy) business that has been drilled into our head and even if it were, can’t you empower your daughter well enough to carry your legacy forward? I fail to understand why are we so male-child-crazy?

Grow up people and change the way you think. You are all present in this world thanks to a lady and now you do not want another in your family? This is utter crap. And for all the men out there, no one will love you more than a daughter, trust me on that. I am saying this from experience.


Adoption and Sushmita Sen

It was very heartening to read this article this morning about Sushmita Sen, former Miss Universe adopting the second girl (she is a single mother of Renee, another girl she adopted in 2000) As per the Hindu law, you cannot adopt two children of the same sex (weird … I know) but there is some change in laws now which allowed her to adopt another girl. Hats off to you Sushmita….. Her statement was “Adoption is about reverence, it’s not charity. More people should adopt. We believe in ties of the heart, not just of blood, I will adopt as many children as I can raise.” I could not agree with you more on the fact that adoption is not charity….. It is a bond of hearts. Your thoughts rock. I have suddenly so much high regard for you now.
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Another case against the girl child

I was shocked to read this in the papers this morning…. If we “so called educated” Mumbaikars are going to behave in this fashion against the girl child, how do we expect the illiterates from UP, Bihar etc. to understand what is right and what isn’t? And to think that the Doctor even explained to the in laws (surely they were outlaws) that the sex of the child is determined by the father and NOT the mother. Gosh I am appalled.

Indian mentality for a male child

We now go to orphanages to feed children on some occassions such as birthdays. As part of this, yesterday we had been to one in Sion and the trip was very different. It was an orphanage where children were offered for adoption and the surprising part was there were all girls. When will we Indians over come our fetish for the male child? It is sad to see the state of affairs. How I wish someone were to wave a magic wand and make them understand that a girl or boy makes no difference… After all each of us are born thanks to a lady. If we educated people begin to think like this what @ the rural uneducated masses that throng India?

PS: The adjoining image is what I picked up thanks to Google Image Search and must admit is a hard hitting one.