Another shameful rape in Delhi, the rape capital of India

Delhi has witnessed it yet again. A 5-year-old girl was most brutally raped and the manner in which the police treated the whole episode is disgusting. As a father of an 8+ -year-old girl, I am appalled. Can’t even imagine what the parents of the child would have undergone! And the poor little child, whatContinue reading “Another shameful rape in Delhi, the rape capital of India”

The girl child sacrificed yet again?

This morning’s Times of India carried a front page news item about how women were now travelling to Thailand for sex determination tests just to have a male child. The arguments offered by some of the would be parents were ludicrous. I seriously am appalled not because I have a daughter whom I adore evenContinue reading “The girl child sacrificed yet again?”

Adoption and Sushmita Sen

It was very heartening to read this article this morning about Sushmita Sen, former Miss Universe adopting the second girl (she is a single mother of Renee, another girl she adopted in 2000) As per the Hindu law, you cannot adopt two children of the same sex (weird … I know) but there is someContinue reading “Adoption and Sushmita Sen”

Another case against the girl child

I was shocked to read this in the papers this morning…. If we “so called educated” Mumbaikars are going to behave in this fashion against the girl child, how do we expect the illiterates from UP, Bihar etc. to understand what is right and what isn’t? And to think that the Doctor even explained toContinue reading “Another case against the girl child”

Indian mentality for a male child

We now go to orphanages to feed children on some occassions such as birthdays. As part of this, yesterday we had been to one in Sion and the trip was very different. It was an orphanage where children were offered for adoption and the surprising part was there were all girls. When will we IndiansContinue reading “Indian mentality for a male child”