My speech as outgoing President of Bombay Toastmasters Club

June 30, 2017 was my last day as the President of Bombay Toastmasters Club. On Saturday, July 8, 2017 the new executive committee (Excom) was inducted and I gave my farewell speech. Here is the text of the same. “On June 25, 2016, I was installed as the 9th President of Bombay Toastmasters Club. It wasContinue reading “My speech as outgoing President of Bombay Toastmasters Club”

Overcoming a mental barrier

A mental barrier is a barrier that we put in our minds that keeps us from doing something or acting upon something. And I, for one, had a huge barrier about cycling from Borivili to Thane via Ghodbunder Road. Don’t ask me why! I had dropped out twice before despite being gung-ho about joining. OnContinue reading “Overcoming a mental barrier”

Grateful and not greatful

Saturday morning and it is time for me explain to Kavya some of her concepts through the worksheets. Today she was doing a crossword puzzle and one of the words to be used was grateful which she spelt as greatful. While I corrected her, she asked me why it wasn’t the other way. As usualContinue reading “Grateful and not greatful”

Native Place – What is that?

Kavya this morning has to write on her native place. Now native place is something that is a challenge for me. We are originally from Gujarat….a remote village called Shil in Junagadh District. Now where in the blazes is that? Search me! I was born and brought up in Mumbai so was my Father. MyContinue reading “Native Place – What is that?”

Android rocks

I have been a big fan of Google and use Google Apps extensively be it for my office e mails (we have our mails hosted on Google as well), for sharing photographs, videos, contacts, google talk and so many other things. I sometimes wonder what I would be doing with Google’s search engine, Google Maps etc. MyContinue reading “Android rocks”

Linux Mint on my netbook

Thanks to Sandeep at office and today I have Linux Mint installed on my netbook. The netbook is a Lenovo S10-3 which I plan to use at home as most of the times I am living in the cloud. Normally I would have installed Ubuntu but thanks to Pranav’s recommendation, I decided to try thisContinue reading “Linux Mint on my netbook”

An Android phone finally…..

I am now on the Android bandwagon after all. Have been a Nokia loyalist (except for 2 years on the Sony Ericsson P1i which was an amazing phone for it’s times). So traded in my Nokia E72 for an HTC Desire which runs on Android. Why Android? I live on Google and so anything that works withContinue reading “An Android phone finally…..”

Moving away from physical servers

The subject might sound a bit too technical but there is a reason behind it. A sense of accomplishment. This week thanks to the untiring efforts of the team, we have successfully done away with two important applications from our office. We have not discarded them but have moved them away from office servers. OneContinue reading “Moving away from physical servers”

Even God likes Humour

Mahim is famous for the St. Michael’s church and Wednesday Novena. It is situated barely 3 to 4 minutes away from the office on foot. They always have something intelligent written outside on the board which makes you smile and I make it point to read it as I turn left every day though itContinue reading “Even God likes Humour”