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CMC Hyderabad Building

This afternoon I had the privilege of visiting the CMC office in Gachibowli Hyderabad. What is so unique one might ask? For starters, the very look of this building is unique. One would look at it from outside as an ancient building with a rustic charm. It was designed by the renowned painter cum architect, Satish Gujral (no that does not in any way make me understand his form of art or for that matter anyone else!!!) Full use of natural light and ventilation, the place was awesome and just opposite this building or should we say structure is the latest DLF Building full of glass cladding etc. CMC was unique as there was just one storey and lots of greenery and open spaces. Infact they said that if one came early in the morning, they could see peacocks on the campus too. Amazing.


Fans or Fanatics

I read in the papers about a number of youngsters killing themselves at the tragic death of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Mr. Y S R Reddy. I am appalled to say the least. This extent of idolising is now bordering on fanaticism. No amount of ranting, raving or anything else can bring back someone who is gone. So what is the point in killing oneself? Ever thought of the distraught families left behind? We sure need a handle on such fanaticism.



Sitting here at the Hyderabad Airport. I came in yesterday morning to a very quiet and desolate city. The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister passed away in a tragic helicopter crash and the city was mourning the loss. No choice but to remain holed up in the hotel. Only 2 news channels that I could watch in English and all they were showing were visuals from the last journey, the funeral etc. I had some interviews to conduct in the evening and so was occupied in the period atleast. I am amazed at the way in which the idolise their film stars and politicians down south!! In Mumbai, no one would care two hoots I feel. Anyways this evening on my way to the Airport saw a funny thing on one of the walls (Gosh I should carry my camera always). It said “Please do not pass urinal here” Now that sure would make the Shakespeare turn in his grave!!!! Gosh people just know how to murder the language in broad daylight…. The Hyderabad airport is new and good but I found Bangalore and Delhi much cleaner and less crowded. Anyways once I explore it more I would be able to make a detailed blog:-)


Hats off to Spicejet

Last night I travelled from Delhi to Hyderabad by Spicejet which is a low cost no frills airline. This was a 2200 flight landing at 2359 at HYD and so I was prepared to land way past midnight but I was amazed. The boarding was announced at 2110 and the aircraft moved from the tarmac at 2150 and we were airborne at 2200. Landed bang on at 2359. I always thought that these low cost airlines were running behind schedule but Spicejet changed my opinion completely. Hats off Spicejet. You rock….


Hyderabad 220906

Went to Hyderabad for the exam! Went off well. Just that we (Bhavesh and me) had to take the 0625 flight out so had to wake up at 0330 and Kavya was crying away to glory till 0100 or so and hence I had slept only around 0200. Was looking like a zombie. The meeting ended at 1300 and so nothing to do till the flight out at 2155. Went to a mall Hyderabad Central which had a multiplex too. To our luck the movie in the afternoon was Stalin in Telugu. I was prepared to watch that too as my only intention was to sleep well. Finally settled down for Khosla Ka Ghosla at 1545. The first day of the movie (the first show for this movie hall) and it was 90% empty. The movie was not bad but I slept through more than 60% of the movie. The movie was short (2 hours) and so we were out already by 1820. Window shopped around. Bought a stuffed camel and a rabbit for Kavya and a stuffed rabbit for Kshitij cos they had just one camel. Kingfisher was a good airline but we had to circle over Mumbai for 30 minutes…. Came home around 0015 and slept at 0100. Woke up straight at 10 am and no feelings of guilt as the presentation had gone off well.