Indigo truly wows customers and how…..

Yesterday was a chaotic evening for sure. I was scheduled by the 8 pm flight from Mumbai to Namma Bengaluru…. Had called for the cab at 1715 just in case so could leave by 1730 max and avoid the Dharavi traffic. I breezed through Dharavi and thought wow I will have a good 2 hoursContinue reading “Indigo truly wows customers and how…..”

An additional day in September

Last Thursday (September 23, 2010) I traveled from Chennai to Mumbai by Spicejet. Now that in no way diminishes my love or respect for Indigo but the timings suited me the most. Spicejet is another low cost airline and they have an inflight magazine too. Found an advertisement there by one Bharat Scans of Chennai forContinue reading “An additional day in September”

Punctual Indigo

I am writing from my Indigo flight from Delhi to Mumbai. This time all 3 flights have been Indigo only. One thing that strikes anyone is their punctuality. All early morning flights are on time being the first flights but I took the last flight from Bangalore to Delhi and was surprised to see itContinue reading “Punctual Indigo”