A really long domain name

Internet is a funny place:-) Everyone these days has a domain registered but whether they use it or not is another matter altogether. If websites are made out, they are rarely updated. For the past few years that I have been actively using some facility or the other at Matunga Gymkhana, I always have lookedContinue reading “A really long domain name”

2 weeks of travelling

Finally am back home on terra firma after a 11 days of travelling. Started off on Tuesday, March 2nd when I went to Bangalore in the morning and returned in the evening. Next day morning was on the flight to Delhi and returned the next day in the evening. Friday was my Father in Law’sContinue reading “2 weeks of travelling”

Internet and how it has changed me

The internet has really really changed the world. What started off in 1997 (remember we had the silly shell accounts then where we used LYNX for 5000 per annum on dial up) has now evolved into a way of life. I am working from home today… resting as am not feeling well. But thanks toContinue reading “Internet and how it has changed me”