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A really long domain name

Internet is a funny place:-) Everyone these days has a domain registered but whether they use it or not is another matter altogether. If websites are made out, they are rarely updated. For the past few years that I have been actively using some facility or the other at Matunga Gymkhana, I always have looked at this hoarding on my way home. Finally took a picture last night around mid night. What always struck me is the long long domain name! Imagine if he were to use this for his e-mail ID and the name was a typically long south Indian name like Narangampuram Srinivasan what would it look like? A mile long e-mail ID? The length of a domain name has always been a factor and the longer it is, the more likely it is going to be misspelt. (BTW this name is not a figment of my imagination. Had met this gentleman years ago and his e-mail ID was loooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg)

Just out of curiosity, I checked the web site and as expected the site is not up. The domain seems to be registered to someone in Matunga so it is existing in cyberspace but not:-)


Increasing e mail traffic

These days I spend a lot of time in managing my e mails. Honestly I am stumped. I handle more than 100 mails in a day and mind you the spam is already removed by Google since our mails are hosted there. Every morning my only target is to keep my inbox below 50 mails and yet I start off with somewhere in the 80s and the mails pile up as the day goes by. Personal mails go into a separate folder so there is no clogging of my inbox (I use thunderbird) but still I am at a loss not knowing how to manage this traffic. Have tried sitting alone and working on them but no respite. Also have delegated but still they continue to pile up. Is there some way of handling them? Business is dependent on fax and e mails so cannot ignore e mails eg. I will check only in the first 2 hours of the day etc. Any tips on over coming this would be more than welcome.


Domains and e mail IDs

I have seen a lot of web sites hosted with e mail accounts of yahoo or rediff or such. I always have wondered at this since all domains have a catch all email account which can be used for e mail IDs. Maybe someone needs to educate them on these facts. Also a lot of people have not known that they can get their emails hosted on Google for free – YES ABSOLUTELY FREE. You have the gmail advantage on your official mails too. Maybe another education issue!



e Mails have been a life line we know but I never knew until today how many e mails I would ever have sent. Due to the machine going into limbo, I had to hard reboot it. Thunderbird in what frame of mind, is now indexing every message in the folders. As I write, the count has crossed a whopping 1.08 million which has my business e mails and few personal e mails over the last 13 years atleast. So even if we take (13 * 365 days), my average mail traffic per day is 227…. Something is amiss or then I must get off my e mail addiction faster than one can think.


2 weeks of travelling

Finally am back home on terra firma after a 11 days of travelling. Started off on Tuesday, March 2nd when I went to Bangalore in the morning and returned in the evening. Next day morning was on the flight to Delhi and returned the next day in the evening. Friday was my Father in Law’s knee replacement surgery so was there for most part of the day. Saturday worked from home and left in the afternoon for Dubai. Came back early Wednesday morning. Friday was in Gandhinagar for the day. So all in all had 8 flights in a span of 11 days. Man I was sick and tired of planes…. As a child such a prospect would enthral me but now no more. Finally am back home and am working away using my lap top and thanks to the Wi Fi can work on the dining table while Kavya does her preparations for upcoming assessments. In the last two weeks have barely been to the office but thanks to Internet and the connectivity have been in touch with the office most regularly.


Internet and how it has changed me

The internet has really really changed the world. What started off in 1997 (remember we had the silly shell accounts then where we used LYNX for 5000 per annum on dial up) has now evolved into a way of life. I am working from home today… resting as am not feeling well. But thanks to the internet I have been able to do so much work sitting at home. I am that way hooked to it save and except for the fact that I do not have a Blackberry (resisted the temptation till date) and have been very happy with the Sony Ericsson P1i. I have GPRS enabled on that and so can check mails sitting anywhere especially when traveling. Then have this high speed stick from Tata Indicom which is a boon as my lap top can be connected at anytime any place and I can send and receive my mails or do anything else. Technology has evolved tremendously and the Internet has changed all of us.

Internet addiction

We are so used to the internet these days and a downtime means you really wonder what to do. I am writing this blog from office as the connection I use at office is down thanks to a tree that fell etc. Long story short I am jobless. I have to access mails in a round about manner (since I do not use the office mail server – MY choice) and generally am lost. I worked from home this morning after I woke up to download all mails. Now will reply to them and send them out using the wireless option of Reliance that I have. Oooof!!!