Bomb Scare in school

Yesterday, June 18, 2013 was eventful in some way. At about 1230 in the afternoon, I received an SMS from Kavya’s school, Shishuvan that they were closing down due to unavoidable circumstances and that we should collect the child from the school ground which is about 500 metres or so away from the school. IContinue reading “Bomb Scare in school”

What I learnt today from teaching Kavya

Every weekend (when school is on), it is my duty to teach Kavya. Today I had to teach her Roman numerals. Now I honestly don’t remember how I had learnt it when in school so instant reaction is google it up. And I was surprised at the amount of information available on rules for RomanContinue reading “What I learnt today from teaching Kavya”

Native Place – What is that?

Kavya this morning has to write on her native place. Now native place is something that is a challenge for me. We are originally from Gujarat….a remote village called Shil in Junagadh District. Now where in the blazes is that? Search me! I was born and brought up in Mumbai so was my Father. MyContinue reading “Native Place – What is that?”

Dabangg 2 – An apology to it’s prequel

I am no expert but just another armchair critic (yes and I must admit, I can snore through movies however interesting they may be). Christmas Day 2012 went for Dabangg 2 in the evening. No earth shaking songs a la it’s prequel but the radio airplay kept them alive. Also the raunchy nature of theContinue reading “Dabangg 2 – An apology to it’s prequel”

Visit to Nehru Science Centre

Saturday, December 29, 2012 had the privilege of visiting Nehru Science Centre in Worli. I had been there as a teen when my Dad took me there thanks to the novelty factor then but this time the reasons were different. As part of her EVS school homework at Shishuvan, she had to visit one ofContinue reading “Visit to Nehru Science Centre”

Club memberships in Mumbai – Annuity fund maybe?

Thought of how to start the post and decided to first look up what Wikipedia had to say about the word Club – A club is an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal. I have been a member of 2 local clubs – Matunga Gymkhana opp Podar CollegeContinue reading “Club memberships in Mumbai – Annuity fund maybe?”

Barfi! A visual delight

Watched Barfi! last night. I just loved the movie. Every movie has it’s pros and cons so let me start with what I did not like: The whodunit plot which was completely unnecessary. The length of the film especially the second half. The frequent flash backs / whatever. Found them confusing. Now the list ofContinue reading “Barfi! A visual delight”

Gandhi Jayanti 2012 – Let’s make a difference this time

Thanks to Google, I found the picture along side of the lyrics of Vaishnav Jan to. This used to be a bhajan that my late Grandmother (Ba as we used to call her) used to sing every night and she would insist on us sitting with our hands folded. Some of the lines I doContinue reading “Gandhi Jayanti 2012 – Let’s make a difference this time”