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Reblog: 16 Things We Forget To Thank Our Moms For

AA032300Reblog: 16 Things We Forget To Thank Our Moms For

Thanks to my sister for sharing this one…. As a father of a 10-year-old, some of these things are still a bit ahead of time for me but I can see them coming:-)

Posts by others that I liked

Reblog: 15 Random Acts of Kindness That Take Less Than 5 Minutes

Here is the link to the original post.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2014 so far! I wanted to share with you some simple random acts of kindness that everyone has time for. All of the suggestions below take less than 5 minutes! I hope to knock these all out in less than a week. Are you with me?


Are you going to do any of these random acts of kindness? Do you have another random act of kindness that isn’t on the list? Let me know in the comments!

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The Billboard music of 80s

Thanks to my cousin, Pranav for sharing this brilliant compilation. Has all hit songs of the 80s that we grew up with. These songs bring back so many memories as we heard them during the college days. The fad then faded away as the music scene changed but these songs still remain in memory.

Another channel to listen to is which I am hooked on to on Sundays when I am not listening to Kishore Kumar / R D Burman. Do give it a shot too.

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Unbelievable intolerance!

282560_478763308842310_1759063077_nThe past few days have been filled with the aftermath of intolerance. In Connecticut, US a 20 year old killed his Mom, took her guns and car and headed to his school. Killed 20 children all aged between 5 and 10 and 7 others including himself. Shameful. What made him do that? No clue! If news reports are to be believed, his Mother had 4 guns! She had a fancy for guns!! Wow! I have heard of people who collect different things but collecting guns complete with cartridges is a bit too much. 20 innocents mowed down. Their parents would have sent them in the morning with a kiss on their cheeks and would be looking forward to seeing them home in the afternoon. How shocked would it be for them to know of such a tragedy! There is a strong debate on now about how easy it is to get guns in the US! Just hope someone wakes up and takes the responsibility.

The other disturbing piece of news was in the papers this morning. A mother drowned her month old son in the overhead tank just because she had a tiff with her mother in law over how to care for the infant. Come on people, have you become so intolerant? For all those who think bringing a child into the earth is a piece of cake, please visit an infertility centre if you have the guts. You will know what pains these people undergo as they long for a child. And then at the other end of the spectrum, go to an adoption centre and see the joy on the faces of a couple as they take a child home. Hope this will change your perspective.

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A fight for life!

blackQuite a title for a post and the image too shows the frame of mind too. Right now, nothing else comes to mind. My Kaki, Pushpakaki is battling for survival since the past 9 days. She was admitted last Saturday with breathlessness and was then put on oxygen. On Friday, November 30th in the evening she was put on ventilator and is right now in the ICU. Her kidneys are considerably weak  given the fact that she had great difficulty in passing urine but now that problem is not so much as she has been able to fend it off. Her breathing problem however continues. Surely not easy it is for the immediate family and us the extended family. She has always been a very lively person and will always be indebted to her for her staying with us in the end of 1983 for a month when my parents were in the US for my Dad’s bypass surgery. She started calling me Peettan affectionately from then and would always chide me for my long talks on the phone with Parin at 9.30 every night.

Even when we met her after Diwali (18th November), she was so much full of vigour that she insisted we sit and talk and we had a gala time till maybe half past midnight. No one ever left the house hungry. She always ensured everyone was fed well and even at 10.30 in the night she would ensure some food went into everyone’s stomach. She told me on that day too that had I informed her in advance she would have made the Tomato Omelette Sandwich which I love. A cricket fan, she would watch matches and enjoy. Life dealt with her unfairly as my younger cousin brother passed away in a tragic accident and then my Kaka followed by my elder cousin who battled cancer. She stood there like a rock ensuring that everyone held their nerve in tough times like these. On 30th afternoon when we were there she made it a point to mention that an upcoming marriage in the house should go on as scheduled. Tears well in the eyes of all but all we can do is stand and watch as she battles for her life. May God do what is best for her. Honestly, it is difficult to see a loved one so much in pain.


The best gift I ever got

Sunday, November 28, 2010, afternoon as I was sleeping away to glory, Kavya wrote out on her own on the scribble pad and gave it to me when I woke up. I was so touched that I have scanned to electronically retain it for posterity sake. Also have kept the original in my wallet which will always lift up my spirits when I am traveling and in the hotel room all by myself. I am blogging about it just to express the joy I found. Thank you Kavya. I love you too very very much.