My P6 Speech at Toastmasters – Projects from the Incompetent Husband’s manual

The aims for this speech project ie P6 are to use your voice to complement your message by enhancing your: pace pitch power and pauses. Your voice is the best tool in your delivery toolbox. You must learn to use it effectively to enhance your presentation. Also just for the information of the uninitiated, atContinue reading “My P6 Speech at Toastmasters – Projects from the Incompetent Husband’s manual”

Pain in the ear… yet again.

Here I am battling serious ear infection with the pain making me feel that it is even worse than probably the pain experienced by women during childbirth (due apologies women). And who is to blame? Me, myself and I. Shameless that I am. What are my problems with the ear? Due to swimming I oftenContinue reading “Pain in the ear… yet again.”

Gymkhana Elections – Such a hullabaloo

Tomorrow is the big day or so it seems at Matunga Gymkhana as we have the Elections and the AGM too. One may wonder what is there to post about? This is the first time honestly that I will be voting at MG. Last year had attended the AGM and honestly it was an exerciseContinue reading “Gymkhana Elections – Such a hullabaloo”

A really long domain name

Internet is a funny place:-) Everyone these days has a domain registered but whether they use it or not is another matter altogether. If websites are made out, they are rarely updated. For the past few years that I have been actively using some facility or the other at Matunga Gymkhana, I always have lookedContinue reading “A really long domain name”

My first AGM of Matunga Gymkhana

I attended the AGM of Matunga Gymkhana for the first time today despite being a member for almost 5 years. The experience was nothing to write home about. People came in with their personal (bloated) egos in tow and the only objective I thought they had was to object to any and everything possible (muchContinue reading “My first AGM of Matunga Gymkhana”

The sheer pleasure of swimming

Just returned after a good 90 minutes of swimming at Matunga Gymkhana and I must admit it is a sheer delight. It is difficult to muster the courage to learn it in your mid-life I know but been there, done that so just overcome that mental hurdle and take the plunge literally. I am noContinue reading “The sheer pleasure of swimming”