Cycling – A week past – Findings

I am enthused by my new-found love for cycling. For the past week I have been using it off and on and let me tell you every ride has memories of one form or the other. Day 1, Saturday March 30, 2013 I went to Hanumanji Temple in Wadala and 5 gardens. A trip toContinue reading “Cycling – A week past – Findings”

Rode a bicycle after 28 years

Yesterday I finally took the plunge and bought the Hercules 110s. I have been a cyclist right from Standard III when I bought the first maroon BSA SLR from a shop in Kalbadevi. This faithful friend of mine was stolen some 6 years later and I ended up in tears (A vehicle always has sharedContinue reading “Rode a bicycle after 28 years”

Bane of being a vegetarian … well almost

At the very outset, I am no sadhu baba. Unlike my wife who is a chaste vegetarian (sometimes driving me up the wall honestly with her food preferences) I am a person who treads the middle path. It is not that I have not tried different meats. I have even tried beef which is taboo accordingContinue reading “Bane of being a vegetarian … well almost”

Gandhi Jayanti 2012 – Let’s make a difference this time

Thanks to Google, I found the picture along side of the lyrics of Vaishnav Jan to. This used to be a bhajan that my late Grandmother (Ba as we used to call her) used to sing every night and she would insist on us sitting with our hands folded. Some of the lines I doContinue reading “Gandhi Jayanti 2012 – Let’s make a difference this time”

Shishuvan’s Project Day – August 3 and 4, 2012

I was wanting to post about this for sometime now but did not find the time / inclination to put down my thoughts. This was the first project day that Kavya attended and I knew that the theme was Matunga but did not quite know what to expect. Having been born and brought up andContinue reading “Shishuvan’s Project Day – August 3 and 4, 2012”

A really long domain name

Internet is a funny place:-) Everyone these days has a domain registered but whether they use it or not is another matter altogether. If websites are made out, they are rarely updated. For the past few years that I have been actively using some facility or the other at Matunga Gymkhana, I always have lookedContinue reading “A really long domain name”

Kavya’s first Annual Day at Shishuvan

Thursday 9th February was the much awaited Annual Day at Shishuvan for Standard I. It was held at Mysore Association Hall on Bhaudaji Road. It started at 1530 and went on till about 1715 but it was fun to see ALL yes ALL the children perform on stage. The theme was about stories that theyContinue reading “Kavya’s first Annual Day at Shishuvan”

The bane of impatience when it comes to driving

I am honestly fed up of the noise levels in Matunga particularly below my house. I live right opposite a marriage hall and behind that one are 2 other marriage halls. I have mentioned this in the past too but today being a Tuesday, I felt the pain honestly. It was a working day butContinue reading “The bane of impatience when it comes to driving”

The bane of living next to marriage halls

Today is Sunday and I was rudely awakened this morning at 0730 by the blaring cacophony outside. As expected some idiot was getting married and his whole clan wanted to inform the entire neighbourhood of this event (as if we cared). Honestly, it is a torture living next to not one but 3 wedding hallsContinue reading “The bane of living next to marriage halls”

New Fly-over above King’s Circle

A new fly over was inaugurated on December 16th which would take you from just after Dadar TT all the way to Matunga Police Station. This flyover currently is only opened in the north direction though they have lanes divided so one if for North bound and the other is for south bound traffic. YesterdayContinue reading “New Fly-over above King’s Circle”