Toastmasters P5 – All shook up

My P5 the 5th speech project from the Toastmasters Competent Communicator Manual. The objectives of P5 were to complement your message with your body during delivery. Specifically, be aware of: posture body movement facial expressions eye contact Thanks to Kavya I could bring in Lungi Dance into this speech and I enacted it as well. TheContinue reading “Toastmasters P5 – All shook up”

Insomnia and how I am dealing with it

The past few days have been an absolute torture. I haven’t been able to sleep like I would have liked to. Been waking up anytime between 0130 and 0200 and then keep up till 0500 or 0530. After that I would sleep and wake up around 0730 that too mainly as I have to drop KavyaContinue reading “Insomnia and how I am dealing with it”

The bane of headphones

At the very outset, I will admit I am no saint. It is not as if I have never committed any of these crimes that I am about to write about. I have been a party to it in the past and sometimes even in the present. Just that the increased levels of headphone usageContinue reading “The bane of headphones”

An Android phone finally…..

I am now on the Android bandwagon after all. Have been a Nokia loyalist (except for 2 years on the Sony Ericsson P1i which was an amazing phone for it’s times). So traded in my Nokia E72 for an HTC Desire which runs on Android. Why Android? I live on Google and so anything that works withContinue reading “An Android phone finally…..”

Goodbye BPL / Loop Mobile…. Hello Airtel!

Finally after 13 long years, I decided to take the plunge today and move away from Loop Mobile (erstwhile BPL Mobile). I had this connection since 1997 and it has been a good service just that it is a stand alone circle and so when roaming it gets prohibitively expensive. Have finally opted into Airtel.Continue reading “Goodbye BPL / Loop Mobile…. Hello Airtel!”

Terrorism and mobile phones

Just heard on TV that the terrorists in the Lal Chowk attack in Srinagar yesterday were in constant touch with the perpetrators from across the border. This is the same story repeated as the Mumbai terrorists. I fail to understand what is the big deal in keeping the mobile network up and running once youContinue reading “Terrorism and mobile phones”