This day 20 years ago

30th September, 1989 exactly 20 years ago…. I was returning from Surat to Mumbai with my niece Nishita and I called home from the station to be informed that my final semester Engineering results were out that day and I was now officially an Electrical Engineer. Still remember having gone for dinner that night to Hotel Mid Town Pritam at Dadar to the Chinese Restaurant with my parents and Nishita. A feeling now sinking in 20 years later as today I had been to Ruchir’s home for his Dad’s retirement party from the Railways….. Looks like I am mid way already towards that:-)


Blaring music at the gym

Every morning at the gym I have to request for lowering of the volume once I enter. The music is blaring away to glory. I for one listen to podcasts / self help stuff on the ipod daily and even with the volume set to full I am unable to listen to it. Mind you I use in ear head phones so the music I guess is definitely very loud. I have had a similar problem at Otters when using the treadmill. Wonder if all gyms have this same ritual? Maybe someone can write about his or her own experience.

Mobile Etiquette on flights

I was shocked when I landed from Bangalore into Delhi on Tuesday (July 14, 2009) night. As soon as we touched down, you could hear the SMSes flowing in and one great human had the audacity to call up his driver or whosoever came to receive him immediately upon touch down that he had landed and would be out in 10 minutes. My gosh here we are still taxi-ing down and mind you at high speeds but well I guess he was in some kind of an urgency to get home / wherever. I wonder what is the big hurry always?

Elections in the Air

Elections are here and so are the politicians asking for votes…. People never seen till 5 years ago suddenly surface and brag about their achievements …. I do not know even the names of any of the candidates in my area yet I am supposed to vote for one of them. And being educated it is my duty to go and vote but who to vote for? You have to pick out the best from the worst. Such slimy characters….. Changing parties, ideals at the drop of a hat. Filmstars are there in the fray just to gather votes for a particular seat. They have the film fraternity campaigning for them who cares which party they belong to. Our system is a mess and I am party to the mess so must vote even if it is senseless to me.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sitting here at Otters Club on the phone. Kavya is busy with her colouring in the library. Went to the gym today after maybe a month. Otters is far for a daily basis and so if I am late in waking up the gym is the first casualty as school gets preference. Might have to reconsider Matunga gymkhana even if I am not too fond of the equipment there. Wanted to buy a new handset today but did not like anything so Kavya and me came back empty handed. Mobiles are either too expensive (SE Xperia) or then are just not worth it. And I didn’t want Nokia E71. After having used SE P1i, it is difficult to find a better phone. In the afternoon slept but woke up at 1430 for the Malaysian F1 race. It was a let down thanks to the rain. The Aus v/s SA ODI was much more interesting as the Aussies were mauled. Watched mindless TV and the surfed internet thereafter. Decided not to work on the lap top today. Infact I try and avoid touching the lap top once home. So far it has worked. The PC is there to write personal mails if needed. Nothing more needs to be done. Infact I had a call from a prospect this morning asking for a revised proposal today and I had to say that I would send it tomorrow. People have unreasonable expectations really. Anyways here I am sitting at Otters and had the privilege of seeing Ravishing Ravs again today:-))) Fringe benefit and that which is not taxable. Kavya insists on the chilly paneer only so another chinese meal at Otters. God I am fed up of this chilly paneer routine week after week.

Fasten your seat belt

I am writing from the flight to Delhi. The normal Jetlite 0650 flight that I so regularly take to Delhi. I have always wondered about the safety announcements that they make before take-off. I have my doubts if anyone ever listens to them but well rules are rules and so must be followed. The funniest is they show you how to fasten the seat belt and unfasten it. Before the announcement is made, the airhostesses check if everyone has fastened their seat belts. So what is the point in teaching how to fasten / unfasten the belt AFTER having actually checked everyone is fastened? I just don’t get the logic. Maybe someone can enlighten me!!!!

Hyper Media

The death of Jade Goody was all over TV and the news portals today. I fail to understand why all this hullabaloo over death too! Media, draw a line somewhere…. She is no more and your daily feed is gone. Let the family grieve in peace. I know she made a pact with the media for the exclusivity of her marriage etc. but that was for the future of her children (Jade – salute you for putting your kids ahead of anything else in life including your own life). Now it is high time the media get a life and stop it. Princess Diana’s death is still being pushed through the media in some guise or another. Stop all of this for God’s sake. Let the departed souls rest in peace….