Wrong side driving – A very common sight these days

People driving on the wrong side of the road and no I don’t mean the American left hand drive system versus the right handed drive in India – This has indeed become a bane on the roads of Mumbai and else where, of course. As a cyclist, I realise that we are definitely not wantedContinue reading “Wrong side driving – A very common sight these days”

Mumbai traffic on a full bladder

The title sounds intriguing but this is exactly what I encountered today. Drove for 2 hours and the last 45 minutes were excruciatingly painful honestly. Traffic jams are common in Mumbai (Parel area especially in these days). Imagine having to wait at a traffic signal for about 25 minutes!! The bladder just was getting outContinue reading “Mumbai traffic on a full bladder”

New Motor Vehicles Act 2019 – Good or bad?

The New Motor Vehicles Act 2019 came into effect in India from September 1, 2019 and this has kicked up a storm honestly. Anyone found breaking the law will now have to pay steep fines. Offences such as driving without a licence, driving without relevant papers, not wearing a seat belt, drunken driving etc. willContinue reading “New Motor Vehicles Act 2019 – Good or bad?”

Random thoughts mid air

These are thoughts that came to my mind when flying back from Delhi to Mumbai on July 31, 2014 onboard the Go Air flight. You realise the value of games only when you are on a flight, tired and nothing but the phone in airplane mode for company. Why did I remove all of them?Continue reading “Random thoughts mid air”

Rains in Mumbai but I am not complaining

After an acute dry spell all of June not to mention the scorching heat, Mumbai finally received rains yesterday. And the rains Gods well and truly opened their hearts out. No it wasn’t like the July 26, some 8 or 9 years ago but it did bring respite from the sweltering heat. People went ballisticContinue reading “Rains in Mumbai but I am not complaining”

Mumbai traffic – getting worse!!

Yesterday, February 13, 2014, I had the misfortune of driving from Andheri East (MIDC) via Dharavi to home. It was an awful drive and thank God for the multiple FM stations, the phone with bluetooth and the AC that kept me company throughout the ordeal. It took me a good 90 minutes to drive theContinue reading “Mumbai traffic – getting worse!!”

The Mumbai Monorail …. finally

Yesterday, February 1, 2014 saw the Mumbai Monorail finally being inaugurated. I had all good intentions of taking Kavya today as it is thrown open to public for a joyride on the Monorail but looking at the images posted on twitter, I chickened out. Just not worth the long queues…. Mind you it is India’sContinue reading “The Mumbai Monorail …. finally”

Lessons to be learnt from Taxis / Taxi drivers

We have all seen the famous yellow and black taxis in Mumbai either in person if living in Mumbai or in Bollywood films. The thoughts that I am sharing are lessons learnt from the taxis / drivers. These are not my thoughts but have had the opportunity to learn these by interacting with different people over the past few weeks /Continue reading “Lessons to be learnt from Taxis / Taxi drivers”