Agrawal Classes – End of an era

This morning, The Times of India carried an article on the decision of Agrawal Classes to shut shop. Agrawal Classes have been synonymous with science students and especially aspiring engineers during our times. I remember in 1983, I used to get there, dreary eyed at 7 am and God only knows what I would learnContinue reading “Agrawal Classes – End of an era”

Reckless Driving as well as lack of pedestrian senses on the rise

I still am proud of being a Mumbaikar and firmly believe that Mumbai has the best driving sense in India having frequented Delhi and Bangalore every month over the last 2 or 3 years. These days however, the younger breed is out to kill. Roads are clogged no doubt so when they get a chanceContinue reading “Reckless Driving as well as lack of pedestrian senses on the rise”

The bane of rising airfares

This is the peak season for airlines and honestly fares have hot the roof. While airlines see it as a good business opportunity for new year revelers and holiday makers, reality is bitter. Yesterday, one of our team member, Sanal’s mother passed away in the evening suddenly due to a cardiac arrest. He is from Kerala andContinue reading “The bane of rising airfares”