The Mumbai Monorail …. finally

Yesterday, February 1, 2014 saw the Mumbai Monorail finally being inaugurated. I had all good intentions of taking Kavya today as it is thrown open to public for a joyride on the Monorail but looking at the images posted on twitter, I chickened out. Just not worth the long queues…. Mind you it is India’sContinue reading “The Mumbai Monorail …. finally”

Visit to the US – A surprise for Mom and Dad

This visit to the US is actually for the RightFax conference in Tuscon from July 12 to 14th. In March / April itself the booking was made. I knew Mom and Dad would be there in Atlanta so did not mention to them about the planned trip at all. Started informing my sister and a veryContinue reading “Visit to the US – A surprise for Mom and Dad”