Increasingly deafening noise levels in Mumbai

I have waxed eloquent about the perils of living opposite not one but 3 marriage halls in Mumbai. As I write, it is 1436 on Sunday afternoon. And there is music blaring away outside ostensibly for someone getting married. I am using ostensibly as there is some religious function doing the rounds too at theContinue reading “Increasingly deafening noise levels in Mumbai”

Festivals in India – Can’t we have them free of pollution?

Let me admit, I am no saint. It is not that I don’t believe in God but I just don’t agree with this idea of blind faith, idol worship etc. Fine these are my thoughts so people who don’t like this concept please leave this post now. My pet peeve has always been the noiseContinue reading “Festivals in India – Can’t we have them free of pollution?”

Ganesh Chaturthi 2011

It is that time of the year when the elephant God, Lord Ganesh visits us for Ganesh Chaturthi and as usual I have my pet peeves which has nothing against the Lord but against the celebrations by us, lesser mortals. Firstly day 1 is a mad house with the traffic going bonkers and then the deafening noise.Continue reading “Ganesh Chaturthi 2011”

The bane of impatience when it comes to driving

I am honestly fed up of the noise levels in Matunga particularly below my house. I live right opposite a marriage hall and behind that one are 2 other marriage halls. I have mentioned this in the past too but today being a Tuesday, I felt the pain honestly. It was a working day butContinue reading “The bane of impatience when it comes to driving”

The bane of living next to marriage halls

Today is Sunday and I was rudely awakened this morning at 0730 by the blaring cacophony outside. As expected some idiot was getting married and his whole clan wanted to inform the entire neighbourhood of this event (as if we cared). Honestly, it is a torture living next to not one but 3 wedding hallsContinue reading “The bane of living next to marriage halls”