A year since migration to Thunderbird

February 19, 2011 was the day I completed a year of migration from MS Outlook to Thunderbird. While I continue to remain an ardent fan of MS Outlook, that does not mean I am against Thunderbird. They have their own pros and cons with the cost going against MS Outlook. Let me admit it wasContinue reading “A year since migration to Thunderbird”

Opensource finally

I have finally migrated to Ubuntu last week and it marks a transition after decades of “non open source” usage. It is definitely a mind shift change as you are so used to certain features and here you have to dig out where it exists (maybe if someone using Ubuntu for so long would migrateContinue reading “Opensource finally”

From Outlook to Thunderbird finally….

I finally took the plunge during the week and migrated myself from Outlook to Thunderbird. I have been a devout Outlook fan for the last few years and swore by it but then the fees were getting too much to bear so have moved now to Open Source. Outlook data has now been ported toContinue reading “From Outlook to Thunderbird finally….”