Learnings from Dad’s stay at the ICU

Dad successfully underwent the surgery at Nanavati Hospital to repair the left femur bone with a rod inserted and screwed. He was recuperating at home with physiotherapy et al but last Friday he was running high temperature which wouldn’t subside. A blood test revealed that he had dengue caused by the Aedes mosquito and somethingContinue reading “Learnings from Dad’s stay at the ICU”

Visit to the US – A surprise for Mom and Dad

This visit to the US is actually for the RightFax conference in Tuscon from July 12 to 14th. In March / April itself the booking was made. I knew Mom and Dad would be there in Atlanta so did not mention to them about the planned trip at all. Started informing my sister and a veryContinue reading “Visit to the US – A surprise for Mom and Dad”

The best gift I ever got

Sunday, November 28, 2010, afternoon as I was sleeping away to glory, Kavya wrote out on her own on the scribble pad and gave it to me when I woke up. I was so touched that I have scanned to electronically retain it for posterity sake. Also have kept the original in my wallet whichContinue reading “The best gift I ever got”