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Beginning of my Toastmasters Journey

Public-SpeakingYesterday, January 25, 2014, marked the beginning of my journey as a Toastmaster as I presented my Project 1 (P1) speech. Way back in 1989, I had joined Nazareth Speakers’ Academy and had done the course there along with Parin and Yogesh. But like you need to take a shower daily, you need to speak once in a while and I for one never did that. Joined Bombay Toastmasters Club (BTM) from October 2013 and am enjoying the experience. Yesterday was unique as it was P1 and the format is the simplest for P1 – Introduce your self. I had practiced my speech at home and yesterday narrated it in office too to get over the nerves. And I am glad it went off well. The support that the audience showed was amazing and my family was there too. And the best part about the format is that after a P1 the audience gives you a standing ovation. Truly makes you feel special.

Coming to my speech, I had tried to make it as humourous as I could (even if my better half felt it was too dry to be called humour) and had worked on the delivery in terms of pauses. I don’t know how the final result was as I haven’t had an opportunity to see the video but the feedback received was very nice with someone even commenting that I should consider stand up comedy!! Man that was taking things a bit too far for me. All in all had a great time. Thank you BTM, Toastmasters and all who had to bear the brunt of my speech.

I am putting down my speech here for posterity sake.

Proud father, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Foodie – That’s me

What is common between Wayne Rooney, Mallika Sherawat, R K Laxman and me? I am slightly heavier than Wayne Rooney, definitely more seductive than Mallika Sherawat and R K Laxman is far more serious than me. But one thread that connects us is that we are all born on October the 24th.

Toastmaster of the Day, fellow Toastmasters and guests, welcome to the rollercoaster ride of my life.

My Mother was making a Gujarati dish called mathiyas when she felt I was kind of gearing to get into the world. Small wonder, till this day and age, mathiyas are an inseparable part of my life.

My Dad, 78 now is a source of inspiration not just for me but a lot of other people as he has stands up against Parkinsons without any medication. He has been running the Mumbai Marathon for people afflicted by Parkinsons. I too run the full marathon, BUT only in my dreams.

My Mom is a great cook which explains my girth. I knew well in advance that I would not survive the hostel food and ensured that I got into VJTI in the vicinity which allowed me to always have Mom’s food.

My wife has been putting up with me for over 20 years and hats off to her for that herculean task. To live with a whimsical character needs a lot of strength. She has to raise two kids, one who is yammering before you, as you can see, is grossly oversized but she does a good job I would say.

My sister is a qualified nutritionist who helps people lose weight. However my failure as her case made her move her practice to the US.

I have had the privilege of great friends who have stood by me right during different stages from school to work. I also have a passion for pen friendship, which I continue to date, only the pen has been replaced by the keyboard.

After completing my Electrical Engineering, I joined my family business of Electrical Contracting which led me to meet some great people with Projects like Kellogg’s and Floatglass factories and TCS’s software development centre.

In 1998 the entrepreneurial bug got the better of me and I started off Rincon India Solutions Pvt. Ltd. specialising in fax solutions. Today I am proud to be part of a team that works for the customer and not the accolades.

My life wasn’t complete until 2004 when Kavya entered our lives. Since then, the entire household revolves around her. She is the best thing that ever happened to all of us and has changed our lives completely. She is super amazing and I’m the lucky one because I get to be her Dad. Just that she is a very good dancer and expects her dad to dance like Hrithik Roshan, but I am blessed with two left feet.

I learnt swimming at the ripe young age of 44 just because Kavya mocked at me “You still don’t know how to swim?”. Despite being from the feather light category I am learning yoga, and after a 28 year break I am cycling too. All of these, with just one hope – shedding a few kilos.

Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time, to figure out whether you like it or not.

I am still at the first stage in many things, just as I have delivered my first speech today.

Over to you Toastmaster of the Day.

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friends-memoriesJune 26, 2013 is what it is today….. Circa 1983, 30 years ago, when I left school and entered Junior college (Ruia college). Those were the days. Never realised that you forge friendships at the age of 16 – 19. And ditto for habits. So you could have picked up right or wrong friendships, habits. Am I glad I made the right choice then. Handful of my friends honestly and I know they are not the kinds to even read this except for one. But last Sunday was a pleasant visit of a friend’s Mama who had been to his house and he had back a gift, a watch for me. 30 years ago at the Ruia orientation, he and me got talking thanks to phosphorescence and the watch glowing in the dark. That got us started and honestly time doesn’t come in the way. We still talk like idiots, nonsensical blabbering, cuss words, you name it and it continues as is. I was telling my nephew last week as he embarks on the beaten path at Ruia soon, that these years are formative years of your friendship so make sure you make make the right choice.

Circa 1998….. This is the day Rincon India Solutions Pvt. Ltd. came into being….. So Rincon is 15 years old (as Shirishbhai corrected me not old but young) today. So many people met along the way, such a brilliant team, so many friends made, so many different journeys (including a visit to Buenos Aires via Sao Paolo!). Newer things learnt, greyed, wisened, received bouquets, brickbats …. A memorable journey indeed.

As I sit back and look back at life, I must teach Kavya to make good and long lasting friendships and enjoy this journey called life.

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Rincon’s 14th Birthday

June 26th, 1998 was the date of incorporation of our company, Rincon India Solutions Pvt. Ltd. And on Tuesday Rincon will complete 14 years. A journey that began in Matunga and we chugged along as we have helped customers alleviate their pain areas. So many places visited, so many people met and so many new friends made along the way. It has been a very satisfying journey all thanks to the great team we have.

As part of the celebrations, the team went yesterday (June 23, 2012) to a home for the aged in Andheri where we had sponsored a lunch. I could not make it there unfortunately as Kavya had some classes to attend but from what I heard it was a very nice and clean place and inmates were very nice too. There were people who made handicrafts and so they bought some of those things. This was followed by a Team Lunch with family at Andheri with a last-minute change of venue:-) Had a great time and look forward to another year and hopefully giving something more to the society at large.


Team Picture taken during Dassera 2009

Well not all of us did not come in traditional wear as expected as there were customer visits / meetings etc. (Excuses Excuses and more Excuses… Google could do a good job of compiling these:-)) Anyways here is one picture taken of the team (except Bhavesh, the photographer)


Dassera 2009

Tomorrow (September 26, 2009) we will all be in traditional outfits at the office to celebrate Dassera which is on Monday and is a holiday. Now who is donning what is the question. We did that last year too and had snacks in the evening. This year the tradition continues:-)



We always try and do something on the last Saturday of the Financial year. When we were a small team, we went to Tikuji ni wadi or Suraj Water Park or such for a day picnic with family. As the numbers have grown, we went for a lunch etc. This year we are going to Mamacha Gaon which is a resort near Boisar about 2.5 hours drive from Mumbai. The trip is being organised by Kiran and Ashish. We have a bus starting from Dadar Parsi Colony and then stops at Andheri and Borivili. Should be about 40 of us and would be fun. I am looking forward to it. Games are being organised by some team members. Will update on the events of the day later.


Google rocks

Just changed the template on to give the blog a new look and feel. Google templates make it so convenient…. Honestly we have moved our office mails to gmail too. The service is free and saves you the bother of the spam as the spam filters of Google are excellent. Looking for newer features in google to explore and put to use. If anyone has decent ideas do let me know.