Beginning of my Toastmasters Journey

Yesterday, January 25, 2014, marked the beginning of my journey as a Toastmaster as I presented my Project 1 (P1) speech. Way back in 1989, I had joined Nazareth Speakers’ Academy and had done the course there along with Parin and Yogesh. But like you need to take a shower daily, you need to speakContinue reading “Beginning of my Toastmasters Journey”

Rincon’s 14th Birthday

June 26th, 1998 was the date of incorporation of our company, Rincon India Solutions Pvt. Ltd. And on Tuesday Rincon will complete 14 years. A journey that began in Matunga and we chugged along as we have helped customers alleviate their pain areas. So many places visited, so many people met and so many newContinue reading “Rincon’s 14th Birthday”