Holidaying in Kashmir – Some thoughts

June 7, 2014 8.12 PM Just returning from a week-long holiday in Kashmir. Honestly it is a beautiful location, truly blessed by nature. Tourism can really boom here but… 1. Inclusion – People are still aloof I felt. I don’t care about the political aspects of it but honestly the locals lack opportunities for employment. EducationContinue reading “Holidaying in Kashmir – Some thoughts”

Time – Where do we find that?

This morning I realised that aside of Sundays, I barely get to spend time with Kavya. Monday to Friday she has school in the mornings from 9 am to 3 pm and I return home by 7 pm only. We do get some minutes in the morning as she is rushing through her chores whileContinue reading “Time – Where do we find that?”

What I learnt today from teaching Kavya

Every weekend (when school is on), it is my duty to teach Kavya. Today I had to teach her Roman numerals. Now I honestly don’t remember how I had learnt it when in school so instant reaction is google it up. And I was surprised at the amount of information available on rules for RomanContinue reading “What I learnt today from teaching Kavya”

5th September – Teacher’s Day, A day to go back in time.

No this image is nothing with Kavya or me going back to school:-) Just that it being Teachers’ Day, I wanted to go back in time and thank all my teachers. I have lost touch with most of them but their memories are forever etched in your mind as they have been responsible for myContinue reading “5th September – Teacher’s Day, A day to go back in time.”

Childhood memories of Delhi

Am in Delhi as I write this post. Yesterday I passed by the Red Fort in Old Delhi and saw that people still sell water in this age of bottled Bisleri, Kinley, Aquafina and the ilk. Not my point for this post. I took this picture using the phone and was taken back in timeContinue reading “Childhood memories of Delhi”

Kavya’s first Annual Day at Shishuvan

Thursday 9th February was the much awaited Annual Day at Shishuvan for Standard I. It was held at Mysore Association Hall on Bhaudaji Road. It started at 1530 and went on till about 1715 but it was fun to see ALL yes ALL the children perform on stage. The theme was about stories that theyContinue reading “Kavya’s first Annual Day at Shishuvan”

I learnt a lot when Kavya started going to school…..

Kavya moved out from my school, DPYA to Shishuvan at the beginning of this academic year. Yes I have blogged about this in the past too but what I want to admit openly is what I have learnt from this transition. In DPYA, they had a class leader by election (which was quite a farce IContinue reading “I learnt a lot when Kavya started going to school…..”