Shishuvan’s trip to Durshet Forest Lodge

The big day it was – Friday, January 9, 2015. Kavya and her classmates why just classmates the entire Class IV was going on a field trip to Durshet Forest Lodge near Adlabs Imagica. Shishuvan also has this concept of parent volunteers and this time they wanted only Fathers. I was one of the 12Continue reading “Shishuvan’s trip to Durshet Forest Lodge”

Shishuvan’s Project Day 2014

Kavya’s school, Shishuvan held their Project Day 2014 on July 25th and 26th. As has been the norm every child participates in the event (will not wax eloquent on that lest I stray from my thoughts) The theme for Kavya and her class IV was India and her neighbours. Kavya had sung the Bangladeshi song (she said itContinue reading “Shishuvan’s Project Day 2014”

Kavya’s entry into the next grade

Today Kavya entered Grade 4. A new chapter in her life even if her school friends, the class teacher all remain the same. She has a new classroom on a floor above the previous one which means some more physical exercise (for her:-) What was new about today? For starters, no cars allowed for dropsContinue reading “Kavya’s entry into the next grade”

Kavya’s Annual Sports Day – 2014

The Annual Sports Day at Shishuvan – Kavya had to report at 0640 so the entire household was working in tandem to wake her up and then ensure she is pushed out of the house on time:-) I too was challenged today as went to bed quite late but was categorically informed by her lastContinue reading “Kavya’s Annual Sports Day – 2014”

Bomb Scare in school

Yesterday, June 18, 2013 was eventful in some way. At about 1230 in the afternoon, I received an SMS from Kavya’s school, Shishuvan that they were closing down due to unavoidable circumstances and that we should collect the child from the school ground which is about 500 metres or so away from the school. IContinue reading “Bomb Scare in school”

Visit to Nehru Science Centre

Saturday, December 29, 2012 had the privilege of visiting Nehru Science Centre in Worli. I had been there as a teen when my Dad took me there thanks to the novelty factor then but this time the reasons were different. As part of her EVS school homework at Shishuvan, she had to visit one ofContinue reading “Visit to Nehru Science Centre”

Gandhi Jayanti 2012 – Let’s make a difference this time

Thanks to Google, I found the picture along side of the lyrics of Vaishnav Jan to. This used to be a bhajan that my late Grandmother (Ba as we used to call her) used to sing every night and she would insist on us sitting with our hands folded. Some of the lines I doContinue reading “Gandhi Jayanti 2012 – Let’s make a difference this time”

What is humane?

Humane a word that we use often…. According to, humane is characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, especially for the suffering or distressed. Now why this sudden gush of English grammar / meanings etc.? Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the Parents Sabha at Kavya’s school, Shishuvan for the thirdContinue reading “What is humane?”

Shishuvan’s Project Day – August 3 and 4, 2012

I was wanting to post about this for sometime now but did not find the time / inclination to put down my thoughts. This was the first project day that Kavya attended and I knew that the theme was Matunga but did not quite know what to expect. Having been born and brought up andContinue reading “Shishuvan’s Project Day – August 3 and 4, 2012”

Kavya’s first Annual Day at Shishuvan

Thursday 9th February was the much awaited Annual Day at Shishuvan for Standard I. It was held at Mysore Association Hall on Bhaudaji Road. It started at 1530 and went on till about 1715 but it was fun to see ALL yes ALL the children perform on stage. The theme was about stories that theyContinue reading “Kavya’s first Annual Day at Shishuvan”