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Phas Gaye Re Obama

Watched this movie on Wednesday, January 26, 2010 (thanks once again to the Tata Sky DVR). This is an absolutely brilliant comedy and is a must watch. A low-budget film with lesser known actors (infact barely a few known ones like Rajat Kapoor, Neha Dhupia and the brilliant Sanjay Mishra) but I am sure the movie would have done a roaring business thanks to the story line about how recession has hit not just America but also the gangsters in India. Do watch it if you haven’t. It is worth the time spent laughing.


Sivaji the Boss

Thanks to Tata Sky, I can record movies when they show up and then watch them at ease. I finally watched Sivaji the Boss starring the southern super star Rajnikanth. The movie is supposedly a big hit down south. It was the dubbed version in Hindi. I personally did not find anything earth shattering about this movie. There was an overdose of melodrama and the entire love plot was completely unwarranted. All in all a completely avoidable movie and a sheer waste of one’s time and senses.


Tata it is for me atleast

Yesterday got the other 2 TVs also at home hooked on to Tata Sky. So now we are a Tata Sky home. Imagine how they have impacted my life atleast…. I use Broadband at home from Tata, TV at home is from Tata, Phone system at office is from Tata, Internet connections both primary and secondary are from Tata and I drive a Tata Car. God knows where else they are present in my life…. Maybe the steel I use in day to day life be it utensils or such is also Tata Steel. Way to go Tatas… Keep the Indian Flag flying…


Satellite TV – Tata Sky

I finally took the plunge yesterday and got Tata Sky+ for the drawing room. Had been dilly dallying a lot but what forced me was the fact that Kavya used to watch Pogo etc. on cable but it was in Hindi. Now finally she will be watching it all in English. I know the initial costs are there (They had a Diwali offer @ 4999 for the DVR which I opted for) but this I feel is worth it. No plans to get the other 2 TVs on Tata Sky for now but then who cares? One TV also means limited TV viewing so good for all concerned.